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zonan the barbarian?

Posted in events,people i know by verbalcroquis on May 25, 2006

So Julie thinks I'm a barbarian.  Go check out her article for Fashion Wire Daily and let me know what you think.  Yes, I love the fact that she highlights me, but beyond that, I love the fact that Julie writes articles that reveals more than what celebrity was wearing who and gush about the superficial.  Definitely worth a read and I'd be interested in my intelligent readers' opinions.


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  1. Camille C said,

    I read the article earlier and was indeed inpressed. Julie’s views are always interesting. I also love that she “kept it real’ and said that she was not necessarily impressed with the other winners and she let you know why. She’s just cool.

  2. Rebecca said,

    Frankly, I’m shallow enough to just think it’s cool that you can do so much with your name: “Zonan” is funny, and the idea that your friends call your place “zoloft” is great too.

  3. Almost GIrl said,

    Awww! Thanks guys! Thanks for linking Zoe

    Keeping it real is the only thing you can do when you are living on the fringes of fashion society.

  4. me, I’ve always been on the outside looking in. I consider myself a grunt tho rather than barbarian.

    I don’t want to sound cynical but really, I’ve seen more talent come and go that anybody ever seems to remember, so I just focus on my piece of the apparel pie. Apparel is cool/cute etc but somebody’s got to get it made -profitably. And that’s what I do. I don’t judge anybody’s style or coolness, I just help them make it in ways that a fashion editor can never touch -straight from the factory floor. Editors won’t go there. They might get dirty or something. A barbarian/grunt might touch them or something and we have cooties -judging from the way pretty fashion people act. In the real world, somebody’s got to do the dirty work. I’m proud of being a grunt. I don’t mind getting dirty. I do my own plumbing, carpentry, electrical work, switch out motors, what have you. Fashionista people can be very snotty and condescending. If the lights went out tomorrow -permanently- they wouldn’t survive. I would. If that makes me a barbarian, I relish the title.

    You probably won’t believe this Zoe but Miracle and I were talking several months back and I told her I covet nothing. Exactly those words. I covet nothing. There is nothing in fashion that excites me…and I *do* want to covet something. Make stuff that will move me.

  5. Asian Lep said,

    I was bored.

  6. Asian Lep said,

    I mean… it was an excellent article, but the superficial is what makes fashion so much fun. When people read meaning into it they suck out all the humor.

  7. Rebecca–yes, I have a lot of fun with my name. The roster of nicknames is a mile long and growing.

    Kathleen–I can see how you could covet nothing. There’s really not a lot out there that I think I just *have* to have anymore. I was in New York for almost a week and rode around a lot in cabs, passing lots of stores and nothing made me think “ooh, i gotta go back there”. When I needed to go buy shoes for my kimono before I left, I wasn’t really tempted by much either. The challenge you throw out is interesting and I hope to meet it someday.

    Asian Lep–I think what makes fashion so fun is the variety. You can talk about the latest model gossip and the hottest shoes one minute and then ponder the longevity of the Old Guard in another. If it was all one of the other, I wouldn’t be so captivated.

  8. Linmayu said,

    Hahaha, “Zonan the Barbarian” = win. I consider myself to have a healthy degree of respect for puns, both good and bad.

    I am someone who definitely falls into the “barbarian” category, and the fact that I failed to find employment in the industry after completing my degree will probably always keep it that way. It is awesome to know, though, that talent and quality can always find its way in, although I see myself more as wanting to follow in Kathleen’s footsteps, doing the dirty work as she says. The industry wouldn’t exist without having a way to exist profitably, after all.

    The article was a very interesting read. Julie is inspiring as always; there are many of us who can only dream of being, as she puts it, “almost.”

  9. toland said,

    i try to find something at and take it on your site…thanks

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