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her name is olive

Posted in side projects,the day job by verbalcroquis on June 6, 2006

Yup, over the weekend, I named my mannequin.  Olive. 

And because I finally named her, the dressmaking gods blessed me with an extension on the outfit.  Gen Art emailed me and told me that the event wasn't going to take place until late July, so I have lots more time than orginally planned!  Almost twice as much time!  Which means I can indulge in my perfectionist idiosyncracies as much as I want.

Moral of the story?  Do your own thang, even if some people think you're weird for doing it.  (Okay, I know that obviously the two are not connected, but indulge me, okay?)

Another fabulous thing happened to me today.  As you know, ever since I got promoted to head designer back in January, I've actually been doing 2 jobs, my old production/product development one and my new design one.  It's been pretty hairy at work for me the past few months. It's not the extra work that was so hard, it was the constant switching back and forth of 2 completely different brains, memory reserves, and work methods.  I'd be deeply entrenched in a design meeting and I'd be interrupted constantly with production questions.  I toyed with the idea of quitting.  A lot.  

But there was something in my gut that told me to stay.  I see so much potential in this company.  I really believe in the product.  I don't see why we can't be making triple the sales.  So I stuck around, even though it seemed crazy to other people. 

The new consultant, who has become a permanent VP (design, merchandising, marketing), went behind my back and told my boss that he really needs me to focus on design, because from working with me the past month, that's where I should be.  So, tomorrow, I'm going to write an ad to find a replacement for my old job.  (insert happy dance here)

Moral of the story?  Trust your gut. 


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  1. whoohoo!

    she and matilda would get along, with their old fashioned names ;o)

  2. Rebecca said,


    And I think Olive is a great name for a mannequin.

  3. Wendy said,

    Excellent news on the Gen Art and work fronts. Olive is clearly a good influence!

  4. mynx said,

    yay. oh, YAY!

  5. Who knows, maybe you’d find a likely candidate here?

  6. apparently, the name “Olive” is a winner. i’m so smaahht.

  7. Gloria Chang said,

    I had no idea how much I would like that name- Olive. Maybe it’s because I’ve gotten past the Popeye stage.

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