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Posted in events,the day job by verbalcroquis on June 7, 2006

Did you know summer in New York is just dreadful?  Hot and humid.  The worst combination ever. The whole city stinking of concrete baking in the sun, boiling in sweat dripped down by the tourists flopping about the city in their comfortable shoes.

Did you know I grew up in Alaska?  Meaning I can do just fine in subzero temps but wilt in the heat?  Did you know I lived in L.A. for six years and never managed to get used to the heat?

Well, folks, with that in mind, I spring you my good news.  A few months ago, I wrote a post on my short-term and long-term goals and one of those goals was to get sent to New York on business.  Yes, kids, I'm being sent to New York for tradeshow season, in late July. (insert happy dance here)

By no means am I trying to sound like some ingrate.  Goal accomplished!  Getting recognized for my work!  Broadening my experience!  Love it love it love it!

My point is, does anyone know where I can buy one of those battery-operated fans to wear around your neck?  Or know some tricks on how to stay cooler?  Cuz Gen Art is flying me to Miami right after New York (insert another happy dance here) and I think I really will wilt.  This is a big deal.  I've passed out from heatstroke before. At least that time I was at a relative's house, so I was taken care of immediately.  The last thing I need is to pass out in the middle of an unfamiliar city.

Honestly, I'm absolutely elated that my career is at a really good place right now, but I am seriously worried about passing out in the middle of the street. 


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  1. Catherine said,

    I know how you feel. Being from England, I’m also not used to the heat. I just returned from Orlando, and it was so hot. But I used a personal cooling device, and it was great. See my blogpost for details:

    Hope this helps.

  2. Tammy said,

    In Toronto a week ago we had this huge heat wave, and one of my friends fainted at work because of his asthma (but he’s ok now). and the only thing I could do during this time to avoid fainting myself was just staying indoors as much as possible (air conditioned of course) but I would definitely carry a bottle of water around, because as long as your hydrated you’ll be ok.

    And if you are going to be outside walking the streets there, I would consider a hat? That’s always what they used to tell us to wear at summer camp… even though I’m not a big fan of wearing a hat myself. But New York is such an awesome place in the summertime, congrats on achieving yet another goal! your definitely moving on your own path

  3. Rebecca said,

    I wish I had some real words of wisdom for you. Being from the Great Northwest, I too am a heat wimp.

    If you decide to go for a hat, get one that you can wet down. My husband swears by his cotton ‘boonie cap’, and he’s able to work in the sun even at 100 degrees. I have thick hair, so I find I am hotter when I wear a hat. (I have been known to dump water over my head.)

    The past two summers I have surprised myself by being able to walk during the noon hour, no matter how hot it got. I think I have acclimated. Maybe that’s helpful.

  4. Danielle said,

    How about a parasol? It helps to stay in the shade.

    I’m so happy that things are coming together for you! I have no doubt you’re going to be checking off your whole list in no time. You work hard and you deserve the recognition!

  5. im originally from houston, so i know every anti-heat trick in the book.

    trick 1: do NOT wear your hair down. if you choose to do so, at least use enough hairspray to keep it up and out… and away from your neck ;o)

    trick 2: jeans are for the brave (and chonically too cold). summer is skirt season for a reason.

    trick 3: the big gulp. the route 44. the extra, extra, extra fricking large soda.

    will you have any playtime when you get to the city? if so, drop me a line!!

  6. Thanks for all the great tips, guys! I’ll be taking notes on everything as I pack.

    Joi–I’m not quite sure how the schedule works (there’s usually a lot of schmoozing involved), but I’ll definitely drop you a line when it gets closer to the date.

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