verbal croquis

another awkward press post

Posted in events by verbalcroquis on June 16, 2006

Hi kids, you can read another interview here, graciously posted by the lovely Trisha of Omiru.  She's local, she's chatty, and we had a great conversation on the phone.  Thanks, Trisha!

Why awkward?  Because I want people to read my press because they're an achievement, and yes, I'm proud of my achievements, but I'm not very good at boasting, other than the lame "I'm a GENIUS!" jokes at work, and I find compliments hard to take.  I've even asked Danielle to revise a post on her blog because her flattery was making me squirm.  I think it comes from my traditional Korean upbringing.  Modesty is a virtue, especially in women, and the translation of the most typical response to "thank you" is "oh, no, that's okay, no problem".  To this day, I still say (in English) "no problem" instead of "you're welcome", even if it was a problem.

Anyway, to my interviewers, thank you for extending your attention this way.  (And thank God I only have one more coming up.) 


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