verbal croquis

in a restless slump

Posted in home life by verbalcroquis on June 27, 2006

The title says it all, really. I don’t feel like working on The Dress of A Million Construction Nightmares. I don’t feel like blogging anything remotely intelligent.

I bust my ass at work all day long and I want to come home and do something fun, not catch up on trade papers and make pattern corrections, research Fall 07, whatever. I think it’s summer creeping in under my skin.

I want to go bowling and mini-golf and drive around in the boy’s convertible. I want to collapse a lung at karaoke and have loud sex on some deserted beach. I want to go dancing to hiphop with a beat so heavy I can feel my armhairs vibrate. I want to go to an open-air symphony concert with some friends and a picnic basket, relaxing on the cool grass under the stars. I want to go hiking or biking or something.

Right now, I’ll settle for pain-free feet. Damn that new dress-code at work.


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  1. jeanne said,

    good god, you guys have a work dress code that forces you to wear uncomfortable shoes? for anyone who works standing up at a drafting table, that’s just cruel…

  2. yeah, i stand, speedwalk, and jog around the factory and in meetings a lot. i found a couple of comfy shoes, but i’m just not used to it. dancing in heels for hours, of course, is different. ;P

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