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Posted in general by verbalcroquis on June 30, 2006

1.  I have completed the pattern for the dress portion of the Dress of blahblahblah, and almost done with the underskirt pattern.  Yeeeeeeeeeehaw!

2.  I have perused through the first of the menswear shows for Spring 07 and I feel good that some of my predictions are happening and I think the collection will look aligned with Europe, which is always good.  (Pay no mind to the grammar there.)  The next few weeks will be insane with last minute show prep, but I rather love being nutters busy.  (Ssh, it’s a secret.)

3.  I went to a kimono sale on Saturday and bought 12 more vintage kimono for $210 total!  The boy told me, “It’s not really a bargain unless you can buy more closet space with the money you saved.”  Oy.  The collection grows and grows.  On another plus note, I got some great lightweight kimono (including a few beautiful haori) so I don’t have to figure out what to wear to Miami next month.

4.  I am slowly inching my way towards accepting the new dress code at work.  Sigh.  Well, it was an excuse to go shopping, anyway.  And I’m breaking in my shoes with all the running around I’m doing.  My toes do not love me.

5.  Four-day weekend coming up!  Woohoo!  Which means I’ll have time to catch up on work!  Clean the house, work on the Gen Art dress, catch up on my trade papers, start doing some research for Fall 07, blogging some stuff beyond fluff and updates.  Oh, yeah, and sleep and watch The Devil Wears Prada, go shopping with my darling friend M, and maybe hit a BBQ.  One of the perks of my place, the zoloft, is you can see fireworks going off all around the city from our rooftop terrace, especially the really big ones near the Bay Bridge.


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