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midnight notes

Posted in personal,the day job by verbalcroquis on July 13, 2006

-When my tech gave her two-week notice, I thought that meant she was leaving in two weeks, not that she was gonna start being a *^&#!@^(*$! for the next two weeks.

-The dress portion is complete, but blank.  Now, I have to embellish it and put together the underskirt.  The rest of this week will be filled with mindless beading, not to be confused with mindless beating, which is what I’d really like to do to the dress.   I’ll post a bunch of photos this weekend.

-I’m super excited about this weekend because a friend is taking me to get a free facial.  Most people with combination skin have a T-zone, I have an O-zone, meaning I break out around my hairline and chin.  And my hair is not even that greasy.  Ick.

-Tradeshow prep is driving everyone in the office absolutely bonkers.  EVERYONE.  No one is exempt, not customer service, accounting, the receptionist, NO ONE.  Everything is shipping out on Monday and my linesheet still needs prices.  Today my boss decided to do two more samples of existing styles in a new leather.  My factory foreman looked like he was going kill me.  I probably shouldn’t have told him while he was holding his x-acto blade.  The server was doing the funky chicken today so our IT guy kept popping into my office since I have the fastest computer.  I was ready to strangle him.  While I serenely said, “Oh, it’s okay.  Do what you need to do,” inside I was screaming “Get the frick out of my office! I have swatchcards to format and sketches to scale and covers to design!  GET OUT!!!”

-I got this freak jacket today. Well, the jacket is lovely (I really need to stop shopping my own collection), but the skin is a weird hybrid of 2 different leather swatches I was looking at, one I love and one that reminds me of burnt cheese pizza.

-I was so frazzled today I actually bought a little bag of Cheetos at lunch.  I’m not some super healthy eater (not by a longshot), but I eat Cheetos like twice a year.  They’re “nervous food” for me.  Uh oh.

God, I love my job.  And I really mean it.


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  1. Stylebites said,

    Re: the O-Zone…in this hot sticky weather (I’m assuming it’s the same almost everywhere in the northern hemisphere right now) try taking a shower every evening or once in the morning and once at night. That should clear things up. 😉

  2. Is it really necessary to shower TWICE a day? And I love my morning showers–really wakes me up. I shower daily and wash my face an extra time before dinner-time-ish. Thanks for the tip though. 🙂

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