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more sparkle dress photos

Posted in my work by verbalcroquis on July 14, 2006

Seriously, I have GOT to start remembering to press the dress before I take photos. Yeesh.

First up, look at my adorable bows ready to be sewn on the dress:


Here’s the blank dress, complete and ready for embellishment (oops, I forgot to clip the threads):


Hrm.  Didn’t notice the janky pulling around the hip when I checked on it this morning…


back.jpg closeup.jpg

You can see the bows “dissolving” to ruffles best here:


After much agonizing, I think the dissolving effect came out decent. I love how the raw edges fraying prevent the dress from looking too precious.

When I was putting the dress on Olive, I took these following photos. There are no closures–just slips right over your head. Anyway, I took these because basically, this is closer to what I would have designed if I wasn’t so afraid of pleasing the judges. The haphazard drape, bows weaving in the layers, tonal texture contrast. Obviously, it’s a sloppy mess here, but I think you know what direction I mean. Sigh. Oh well.

sloppydrape1.jpg sloppydrape.jpg


9 Responses to 'more sparkle dress photos'

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  1. Danielle said,

    it looks soo beautiful.

  2. Jill said,

    I agree gorgeous!

  3. henri-v said,

    Oh, liquid gold! So lovely, Zoe!

  4. Wow! Zoe, that effect is cool! I love the way those bows merge/meld into the ruffles. I’m really impressed.

    not a sycophant and difficult to impress, Kathleen

  5. Ruins said,

    Those bows are beyond adorable. For some reason, the framing on the bow picture reminds me of a cookbook picture. It’s just so confectionary-like perfect.

    I have never liked the color gold but that dress just begs to be touched and slinked around in. Liquid gold is right, henri-v.

  6. Wendy said,


    The fabric is outstanding. The bows are exquisite. The dress is blowing the sketches out of the water! (And I loved the illustrations.)

    I’m not someone who generally imagines herself in bows and ruffles and layers … but in this case my imagination made an exception without consulting me!

  7. […] Small wonders created by the meticulous hands of my Pez. If you hadn’t already, check out the progress of the “Sparkle Dress”. Liquid gold! Nummy. […]

  8. Abby said,

    This is really looking great. I love the little bows so much.

  9. Gosh, guys, thanks so much for the compliments!!!

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