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reality check

Posted in general by verbalcroquis on July 17, 2006

You see, I rarely dread work like I did earlier today.  I have such a full plate, and the tech acting all crazy and and and.

The boy and I had just grabbed a late dinner and were on our way home.  We parked my car on the street and were walking the block or so home when a young girl (she looked about 18, if that) ran up to us and asked if she could borrow a cell phone.  I asked her if she was okay.  She was not.  She was walking somewhere and this guy had grabbed her into his car, started hitting her and told her if she screamed he’d shoot her with his .38.  He was going to rape her and take her to L.A. with him.  She was a mess of tears and mascara and the shakes.  Somehow she got away, but left her purse behind. She had no idea where she was because she had just moved to San Francisco two days ago.  She was trying to call her boyfriend, who she lives with, but he wasn’t answering, so I drove her home.  When we got to their place, I stayed long enough to see him hug her, and then I took off.  The horrible thing is, you just don’t know who the crazies are so I never left my car because I was afraid for myself.  She doesn’t live in a good neighborhood.  I gave her my card and asked her to email me to let me know how she’s doing.  I called my friend B, asking her for a rape hotline number so I can give it to her if she does email me.

So yeah, I’m fine, but still worried about her.  The ironic thing is, she’s from Oakland, which has a much harsher rep than SF does, and she’d never had anything like this happen to her there.

So yeah, tomorrow is another day of restraining myself from cursing out the tech and getting frazzled over the tradeshow shipments and all that jazz.  Whatever.  I have it good and I am so fucking thankful.


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  1. Shelley said,

    Oh my god, that is so frightening. I’m so proud of you for taking care of that little girl! If you do hear from her, also tell her she can go to SF General, and they will do an exam on her, take her information (if she wants), etc. For free.

  2. Abby said,

    That is so scary. Good karma to you today, Zoe, for taking care of her like that.

  3. Jill said,

    Yeah that is really scary, and I hope she gets help and see’s a doctor to get checked out. My bf and I just moved into a new place in Toronto and on Friday I had someone come up to the house looking in all the windows, I think he was casing the place but I was in it! When he saw me he ran away thank god. I was more freaked out he was going to break into the house while I was in it.

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