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final dress pics

Posted in events,fashion shows,my work by verbalcroquis on July 30, 2006

Here are a couple of photos of the finished dress, taken backstage at the Gen Art Shop Miami event.


front1.jpg back2.jpg

A weird thing happened to me at the event.

I actually impressed myself. This is a first for me. The photos actually don’t do the dress justice. When Dashil, my model, pounded down the runway, I was actually impressed with the way the look turned out. Doubly weird, considering I was so insecure about how it turned out until Dashil put it on and started walking. The silk flowed and shimmied perfectly, the pleats fanned out just so, the skirts floated and danced around her just like I wanted.  Everything sparkled just the right amount.  Mark the day, folks.  July 27, 2006, the day Zoe impressed herself.

(I’m going to try to get the video taken of the runway show as soon as possible.)


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  1. Danielle said,

    Wow! It looks *amazing* Zoe… congratulations! I’m so proud of you and I’m happy that you even your high expectations were satisfied. It truly is a tour de force of a dress. Hope you’re having a terrific time in Miami. Hugs!

  2. Wendy said,

    Oh Zoe!!! How wonderful!!! Both on the dress and on the moment. Savour your time in Miami, and enjoy knowing you will draw on this in the future.

  3. Rebecca said,

    Gorgeous !!!!

  4. Tiffany said,

    Wow. Your dress came out beautiful!! I think it is an excellent translation of the original sketch.

  5. […] Look – verbal croquis has finished her Gen Art dress and it is incredible! […]

  6. one thing i’ve learned about fashion (one of the few things ;o) ha) is that clothes in motion are almost always better than clothes static. that is why i obsessively watch the runway shows when they come on NYC public tv…

    the dress is smashing, by the way. i cant wait to see the video. you totally did it.

  7. Yea, GRRL!! So stunning…I really love the shiney.

  8. awww, thanks everyone! hugs for everybody!

  9. Abby said,

    WOW! Just WOW! You must feel so proud. 😀

  10. Simon said,

    Wow, That really is a smokin dress. I totally agree with joi that clothing must be put in motion to gather optimum results. Why do you think live models are employed at tradeshows such as MAGIC ? In fact, one reason why the runway show will never be replaced. You did a great job on this project. I simply cannot believe you design the “other” stuff during the day and are not driven nuts with all that creativity within. Like a fine chef working at Chili’s.

  11. Johanna said,

    Wow girl, that dress was really beautiful! You have really succesed with it!
    / Johanna from Sweden

  12. Gorgeous! Thanks for keeping us posted.
    I still have not heard from the SF fashion week people btw.

  13. Andrea said,

    The dress is beautiful.

  14. Gloria said,

    That’s so gorgeous! I guess all that fretting paid off.

  15. kikiskorner said,

    Still think it would make a smashing wedding dress with just a slight tweak to the color as mustard yellow would be horrible on me. *sigh*

    Congrats Zoe – it looks amazing and I am so proud of you and your success.

  16. Linmayu said,

    Wow! That dress has really come to life in a fabulous way! It looks even better than the sketch, which I didn’t think was possible. Just wow. 😀

  17. i know it’s 3 years later, but i just stumbled on your blog today. well done on the gen art competition and executing the final dress. i too was a gen art finalist for eveningwear back in 2004, and can remember working a full-time job at a law firm, billing 10 hrs a day, and coming home to drape & sew in my tiny ny apt. i even called in sick a couple days to finish the dress. and i was all nervous that the dress wouldn’t fit, etc. but lo & behold, when the models strutted their stuff down the runway in my dresses, i was relieved and a bit impressed with myself that i actually pulled it off. (and i also felt completely awkward at the after party amongst all the fashionistas). feel free to reply to me at (i’m not a crazy), but a kindred fashion spirit. hope you are finding inspiration and still creating beautiful pieces.

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