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Posted in opinions,the day job by verbalcroquis on August 8, 2006

Reader Simon left this comment in response to my final dress photos:

“…You did a great job on this project. I simply cannot believe you design the “other” stuff during the day and are not driven nuts with all that creativity within. Like a fine chef working at Chili’s.”

I’d like to respond to this, and not to ridicule Simon in any way, but mainly to clarify a few things about myself.

I don’t consider the work I do at my day job creatively stifling, or beneath my abilities, or any of that jazz.  I think of it as a different design problem that requires a different solution.  My day job requires that my designs be simple, clean, wearable, versatile, and expensive-looking; my jackets must take the utmost advantage of the medium (mainly leather).  We have a particular customer profile we target.  We have particular pricepoints to consider.  We have a certain reputation to maintain because the company’s been in business for so long. It’s not easy.  If it was easy, the previous designer’s collections would have sold. 

Every project that I do on my own, I challenge myself with a different set of design issues, hoping to find the best solution.  Can I create a collection of sleek, urban work-friendly clothes for the young professional at a contemporary pricepoint?  Can I design a group of knock-their-socks-off evening gowns based on the design direction given?  Can I put together ensembles for the tweens back-to-school market that all girls will covet? 

I don’t think creativity is about creating the most spectacular thing ever.  I think it’s more important to be able to find the best possible solution to a problem.  In fashion, that means considering more than just the look of the dress.

P.S. Simon, thanks for reading, for the lovely compliments, and for giving me a topic to chew on.  🙂


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  1. Simon said,

    Hello Zoe,
    It is a pleasure to read your blog on a regular basis. I hope you continue to keep us abreast of your progress as a designer, for both the instituitonal side and your own creations.
    Your last post was so right on. It is huge challenge for companies to bring to market saleable styles that will allow a degree of prosperity to which leads to further diversification. Doesn’t matter how long a company has operated for, the challenges always are present to constantly perform and change with your market. I would imagine you have a pretty solid ownership group.
    Perhaps you can expound on the financial challenges a designer has to cope with to create for a company such as the one you work with ?
    That would make great topic matter for your readers. Get right in the thick of it. Substantiative stuff. You game ?
    btw, I would like to marry your Miami model.

  2. Danielle said,

    It’s a challenge to design well – everyone can be creative, but what about the charge that happens when it’s the right look at the right time done well and profitably. So many factors go into a deceptively simple design.

    Every type of design has the same kind of challenges and that thrill that happens when something “hits”. Nice post.

  3. well put. i’d design dog bowls… or socks, if someone would pay me to do it.

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