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doodling boobies and booties

Posted in my work,people i know by verbalcroquis on August 22, 2006


So Danielle asked me to participate in her sketching posts, and I reluctantly agreed. Sigh. Well, I’m not exactly pleased with my results, but a promise is a promise.

My weakness has always been drawing a man and a woman together, in fashion illustration proportions, composed and proportioned well in relationship to one another. I was listening to some latin music over the weekend, so I ended up with some melodramatic posing.

Well, here it is. Not happy with it at all, but I guess that means more practicing.


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  1. Sarah-Jean said,

    Wow, I think it looks fantastic! Sure the proportions aren’t perfect, but that makes it unique and more like impressionism. I think it’s fabulous! Keep drawing. You could be really good with a little more practice!

  2. Danielle said,

    I like it =) – thanks for playing! I like the challenge of doing interacting figures – even when they’re both female, it’s a quite a trick to pull off. Maybe I’ll try that out this weekend.

    Drawing is easy when it’s the same thing all the time. It’s a bit jarring to take it out of the comfort zone and push it. You don’t have to post if you don’t want to – I just thought it might be cool. Plus incentive to practice – that’s my main motivation for myself. The blog must be fed!

  3. Carmen Rose said,

    You’ve captured the mood and movement perfectly, I LOVE it!

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