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i’m back

Posted in general by verbalcroquis on August 30, 2006

and my feet and ankles are so swollen I feel like an elephant.  My 3-day tolerance capacity for Vegas has turned into a 30-hour tolerance.  Literally, about hour 29, I was seriously wanting to go home.  I mean, really, I get off the plane, and the boy has 1. driven my car to the airport because he knows I love to unwind by driving home 2.  bought me a carton of cigarettes 3. planned to whisk me off to sushi dinner 4. saved me a parking spot really close to our building (he parks in the garage because he has a convertible) and 5. arranged his schedule to do laundry tomorrow with my dirty travel clothes.  Who wouldn’t want to come home to this?

Despite my exhaustion, I am pleased because I think the trip was very worthwhile.  Got some more excellent feedback from my debut collection (“…soooo much busier than last year…definitely more orders…surprising for Spring for us…”), saw a lot, talked a lot of shop with people I respect, and I think I know how to make a stronger presence at the shows next season.  It’s just a matter of getting my boss to agree.  Hee.

Oh, and my darling boss put me up in a beautiful palazzo suite in the Venetian all to myself.   But, man, nothing beats your own bed.

More later.


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  1. Linmayu said,

    Such a good boy! ^^

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