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back to the beginnings

Posted in my work by verbalcroquis on September 9, 2006

I just deleted a huge post I wrote on this and that.  I won’t bore you with the details.   As you all know, it’s September now, meaning my weird little “do nothing but my day job vacation” month is over.  So I sat for a bit ruminating over which of my many projects to pick up first, when it occurred to me the obvious answer.

“Zoe, for the love of expensive drawing pencils, go design some mad brilliant shit!  You were so busy with all this other stuff, the last time you really designed something was back in March!  Get to steppin’, ho!”

Yes, I have my own special form of self-deprecation.


2 Responses to 'back to the beginnings'

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  1. Rebecca said,

    And that is exactly why I will never quit reading your blog!


  2. Maria Palma said,


    This is what I was thinking about the other day… It’s been awhile since I’ve picked up a paintbrush and I miss my paints. I’ve been so busy blogging and making jewelry that I’ve forgotten about my other lives 😉 Time to play!

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