verbal croquis

floppy fingers

Posted in personal by verbalcroquis on September 21, 2006

My hands are not cooperating with me today. The bulk of what I had to do in the afternoon at work was draw out some flats, but my fingers weren’t having any of that. It was like when you put two battery ends together at the same polarity. A leather daddy in chaps and studs at a Deep South debutante ball would have been more welcomed than putting a pencil to my hands today. Fellow sketchers/illustrators/designers, do you ever have those days? The pencil just won’t stick. What do you do when this happens?


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  1. greg said,

    i usually take away the pencil, replace it with a ciggarette and chain smoke untill im so pumped with nicotine my fingers dont care whats going on. but what i really find is i just stop trying to draw and do something completely different for an hour and then return to it. it usually helps but not allways, i think fingers just like to have their lazy days. which is a bugger for us when its 1am and the deadline is only 8 hours away, but what can you do !

  2. Sparkles said,

    I had a day like it yesterday, luckily nothing was too pressing so for most of the day I didn’t try. I have my own company though so for me it’s a little easier as I can manage the workload myself and don’t have to do a ‘9-5’ if my head isn’t playing ball some days.

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