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experiments in imagemaking i

Posted in my work by verbalcroquis on September 24, 2006

I had so much fun with my photoshoot with my dearest M, that we decided to do another, in hopes of a series for this blog called “experiments in imagemaking”. Like I said before, I’m not a photographer, and I have no desire to be one. These photos are, for me, mainly a means to hone my styling and imagemaking skills, which I think are important for a designer to have. (For M, she’ll pull her faves for her website as a burlesque performer, dancer and model.) Constructive criticism welcome, as I can learn and improve no other way. At the very least, let me know your faves so I can learn from that too. Thanks! (Erm, more “outfit-oriented” shots coming soon.)



(She’s talking to one of our favorite peeps, J in SD, on the phone. He kept making her laugh, so I grabbed the phone and yelled, “Honey, I am a serious artist, trying to make some serious art here. I need her to frown for my serious art. Now tell her some depressing shit about your life. Thanks.”)





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  1. jeanne said,

    i like the documentary feel of image #2. it’s got a little story to it… you feel like you can tell who that girl is, and what her life is like.

  2. Tara Monster said,

    Holy cow you guys make a good team. Hot!

  3. Danielle said,

    this looks like so much fun.

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