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who’s next in fashion?

Posted in rants by verbalcroquis on October 3, 2006

This is probably one of the most depressing articles I’ve read in a long time.  It depresses me more because some I actually respect wrote it, as opposed to some random writer I’ve never heard of before.


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  1. triciaroyal said,

    out of curiousity, what do you find so depressing about it?

  2. Danielle said,

    ^ yes what tricia said.

    I get a perverse satisfaction about the developments Suzy describes. It seems reflected in the culture – the movie stars are no longer as magical, and neither is the idea of a superstar designer.

    Or is it the now temporal, diminished idea of fame or legacy that is depressing you?

    Maybe Menkes was just plain wrong… and just as the Cardins and Armanis fade, something will develop to take their place. Thirty years ago nobody had heard of Armani and thirty years from now it’s still to hard to tell which upstart might capture the zeitgeist.

    But there is a grain of truth in the article… Big Business is making a transition and we don’t know how this is going to play out. Whether it is a good opportunity for a designer to make a legacy it is up to them. I do happen to agree with Menkes that this internet thing will play a big part.

    Do it, Z. If legend status is what you want, sign your name here.


  3. andrea said,

    Hi Zoe:

    It is a little depressing…the magic of bygone eras is gone. What’s left in the world of celebrities is outed smut and people glorifying in how many ways they can screw up publicly. Not much to write home about. On the other hand, the fallacies of big business (which is what all the great design houses have become) is giving way to a much purer expression of fashion…and art; and you are in the most fabulous city for it. Independant design has never been more revered than it is now and I am thrilled that the traditional rules of fashion celebrity are in the process of being redefined. Granted, I love the idea of the monolithic fashion house. It’s comforting and traditional, but I also love that it’s being deconstructed, as well.

  4. Simon said,

    I look at it this way.If the monolithic fashion houses are deconstructed brick by brick, it is happening for a reason. The most obvious is that the consumer doesn’t care anymore. A label doesn’t carry the weight it used too, and the consumer is looking elsewhere to sensibly and economically clothe themselves.

    I think that by this “deconstruction” happening, it opens up opportunities for others to provide high quality apparel at reasonable prices.
    I am thinking along the lines of custom tailors or “bespoke” professionals.

    Make a new suit or outfit an event. Bring some ceremony back to the process. Open more stand alone shops where you feel real important when purchasing apparel. Not just the rich and famous.
    At one point, the term “Sunday’s best” meant something. I hope we haven’t lost sight of this .

  5. Daisy said,

    ******Unrelated to post,
    I couldnt figure out how to eamil you directly, but I have aquestion.
    Do designers in the contemporary market get paid more that designers in the juniors market. Or is designer pay in LA the same across markets???

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