verbal croquis

happy blog birthday to me

Posted in personal,the day job by verbalcroquis on November 4, 2006

Um, yeah, I guess the title is self explanatory. I’m one year old today.

On a more serious note, I’d like to thank all you readers for your support and attention. I’ve also noticed the number of hits I’ve been getting has doubled in the past month (who are you people? speak up!) and I’ve been getting more compliments on my portfolio pages of late (aw, shucks, thanks, guys!).

I would have posted this earlier today but I had a 7 HOUR merchandising and sales meeting with my team and a couple of my sales reps, STANDING UP IN HEELS ON CONCRETE, so when I got home, my brain was fried and my feet screaming at me to sit or lay down. Of course I promptly passed out when I got home and woke up only a couple of hours ago. (No, I didn’t know it was going to last 7 hours, nor did I know I’d be standing the entire time. I didn’t even know for sure my attendance would be necessary for the entire meeting.) I bring this up because today I reread my very first post, and had a “where did the time go?” moment. It seems so long ago that I so wanted this very position and now I’m here. Yes, work is hard and I have my moments where I stand in an empty bathroom stall and claw at my own hair, but I’m here and so thankful.

*note*  The WordPress clock is funky.  It’s still Nov. 3rd, which is my real blog birthday, but the post publish date is Nov. 4th.  Hrm.


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  1. greg said,

    happy birthday verbal croquis

  2. happy birthday, dahling – you will be tickled to know that little Stereoette turns 1 on monday – our blog birthdays are so close!

  3. Wendy said,

    Belated bloggie birthday wishes!!!

  4. Karen C. said,

    Happy birthday. Did you already go through your naturalization ceremony? Also, are you interested in coming to talk to other design entrepreneurs at the Renaissance Center. We have our monthly meetings the 2nd Monday of the month. Would love to hear from someone in the local fashion industry. Let me know. P.S. take slippers to work

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