verbal croquis

gettin’ hitched

Posted in personal by verbalcroquis on November 24, 2006

Today, the boy and I are running off to Vegas to elope. Be back soon…

(Yes, I’m serious.)


The boy and I on Day 5 of that epic 8-Day first date, April/May 2004.


Us, earlier this month.


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  1. […] Two of my most favoritest people evar(!!!), my Pez and Fluffer are getting married! […]

  2. jeanne said,

    congratulations, you crazy kids!! coffee toast at farley’s when you get back…

  3. Christy B. said,

    Nice!! Have fun and be careful, from the wise mouth of my mother. Don’t gamble all your money away in one place!

  4. Aaron H said,

    I am so happy for you guys. 🙂

    You’re nothing if not consistent.

  5. Smoooochie said,

    Wonderful news! Congrats!

  6. Wendy said,


  7. Danielle said,

    Yay! You two are awesome, have a happy day and all my blessings for your whole lives.

  8. Walter said,

    Joy. Happiness. Congratulations!

    Do we get to hear the story of the proposal?

  9. Liz said,

    Congratulations! We gotta schedule a 3 pm brunch so we can hear the deets from both of you!

  10. Elke said,

    whoo hoo!! Congrats! I’ll be sending my beautiful makeup thoughts your way… 🙂

  11. reaction upon reading post:

    “oh, my gosh!!”

    reaction after saying “oh, my gosh!!”

    CONGRATULATIONS KIDS! all the best to y’all! so exciting…

  12. Sarita said,

    Whoa, congratulations! That’s way exciting. I wish you all the best!

  13. Simon said,

    I thought you were busy looking for a job ? Oh well, priorities. I really like the idea of eloping as well. You save a ton of money, the hassle factor is reduced to near zero, you return and have a big party for friends/family.

    And I don’t think anyone is going to hold it against you, save for the fact that a few might have hoped for one of your bridesmaid dresses you designed.

    Ok, lets get back to business then.

  14. Karen C. said,

    WOW! CONGRATS. Someone whose life moves faster than mine! Though, I, too, wish I could have seen what you’d design for a wedding dress.

    My toast to you: Centanni uno (Italian for “One Hundred Years plus One”).

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