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Posted in personal by verbalcroquis on January 8, 2007


Left to right (sorta):

Breakfast of Champions: water and cigarettes, corkboard #1: coupons for vitamins for the husband, notes to self in Korean and English (whatever came to my head at the moment), a rough draft of the figure composition for the latest project (notice some don’t have arms yet)*, the big beautiful 24″ iMac the husband bought me for an anniversary gift last year, featuring the morning news: International Herald Tribune’s Style & Design section, and corkboard #2: sketches and doodles for the latest project.

*tip of the day: when working out figures, I like to draw them on tracing paper. Then I flip over the drawing and look at it “backwards”. You can pick out flaws easier this way. That’s why the figures are in 2 different colors. The layout is currently posted “backwards” on the board right now.


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  1. Aaron H. said,

    Nice setup.

    I love my MacBook Pro, but I’d love to have an iMac like that for the house. Then again, I’d start with a desk right now.

  2. dood, i have to work on getting a desk too. my current “desk” is a funky half round half rectangular table w/ a weird little shelf on one end. someone set it outside their house for people to take. omg, that was waaaay back when Frisbee was still poking around, letting us know she was alive. she helped me load my car.

  3. Ladybird said,

    I get inspired by that picture…

  4. Alisa Benay said,

    Nice to know other people look at their sketches backwards. I’m so akward at sketching anyway, looking at the backwards image just makes all the flaws jump right out.

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