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Posted in my work by verbalcroquis on January 26, 2007

resignation:  the moment you realize your favorite dress just doesn’t go with the rest of your collection and needs to be chucked.

colorblindness:  the state of mind where you’ve been poring over color groups for so long they all start looking equally sucky.

night vision:  when you come up with the most brilliant solution to Question X in the dead of the night but you’re too groggy to write/sketch it down, sleepily promising yourself you’ll remember in the morning but to no avail.

pure joy:  the late night moment (12:22am by my watch) when you realize it’s all coming together and now all you have to do is draw out the final illustrations.



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  1. Danielle said,

    loving the glimpses inside a designer mind… what is it that x factor that makes things finally come together anyways? more please.

  2. >loving the glimpses inside a designer mind…

    you say that as if you’re not a designer yourself, missy…;P

    the x-factor? i think every designer spends the better part of their career trying to hit that moment more consistently than not. you let me know if i hit it when i post the final sketches.

  3. Danielle said,

    No, I’m not a designer! Perhaps I’ve done the occasional designer-ish project but I’m not even close to your league. I never stay up to 12:22am doing it =)

  4. Oh hush. That’s only because you’re a morning person and I’m a night owl.

  5. […] miss it. Getting paid gets my pencil going but that’s about it. On VC’s post vocabulary definitions, I […]

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