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jobhunt update

Posted in general by verbalcroquis on January 28, 2007

As requested by VC reader Simon.

I don’t have a new job yet.  There aren’t a lot of design jobs available in the Bay Area, so it’s not as depressing as sending out my resume to a million places and getting rejected everywhere.  I’ve only sent off my resume to a few places, and things are all up in the air.  It’s too early to really say.  None of this makes me particularly happy, to say the least.  Did I mention I hate being unemployed?

As for the new group I’m working on for the portfolio overhaul:

Everything is designed, the figure composition is set, the flats are half done, it’s mainly a matter of just doing the final illustrations/flats/fabric board.  My goal is to have it finished by the time New York Fashion Week hits next weekend.

I’ve challenged myself considerably with this project, something I’ll get into later.  Anyway, back to work.


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  1. Simon said,

    I understand that many manufacturing jobs have left the Bay area. Does this mean the “creative” is being outsourced as well ? I mean even Levis and the Gap still have people onhand for design purposes, but what about the smaller brands that make up the bulk ?

    Don’t you have fancy schmancy school that just bestowed McQueen with some award? What are they doing to stoke up design jobs in apparel ? People do look at San Fran as somewhat of a fashion design center.

  2. >Don’t you have fancy schmancy school that just bestowed McQueen with some award?

    Nope, that’s not us, but my alma mater *is* helping me.

  3. Simon said,

    Yes, I do recall that you are an Otis graduate.I was referring to another fashion school in San Francisco that used Alexander McQueen’s stature as a successful designer to give him an award for whatever reason they did.

    As for your alma mater assisting you in your job hunt, bloody right they should. After all, it is the apparel companies that scour design schools in search of interns to do the schlepping that paid employees don’t like doing and the best way to make this happen quickly is to maintain a good relationship with schools like Otis.
    In my opinion, companies looking to hire anyone should first look at a schools placement program, and consider other avenues as secondary.

    Jeez, if you think of the fees these companies pay “headhunters” for talent in the apparel industry, it would make alot more sense if the money was kept in the educational coffers.
    Another way of improving the disconnect going on between the industry and the educators who serve them.

  4. Danielle said,

    Stay positive Zoe, opportunity will knock when it’s ready. Just keep kicking it =)

    Simon, did you go to fashion school?

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