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i love fashion

Posted in my work by verbalcroquis on February 1, 2007

I do, I really do.  How else could I sit here, exhausted, blurry-eyed, with crampy, chapped hands and only feel the buzzy pleasure of accomplishment.

The designs are complete, the final flats pages (all 4) are complete, the mock-up for the final figures pages is complete, photocopied so I can do some rendering experiments tomorrow.  The storyboard is 95% done; I’ll look at it with fresh eyes tomorrow.  And then I can do up a fabric collage board.

The hardest thing for me when I work on projects for my portfolio is fabric sourcing.  I go retail, since I have no plan on producing these designs and therefore wouldn’t feel right sampling with wholesalers for this type of thing.  I just need to hunt down some leather.  The husband came up with the brilliant idea to scour Goodwill or the like, which I hope to do over the weekend.

Tonight is the first night in long, long time when I’ll be going to bed feeling good about the amount of work I got done today.  I love it.  Best feeling ever.


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  1. Congratulations!

  2. Anne said,

    Congrats! Got few pictures about the design though…

  3. Karen C. said,

    So very cool. But you’re tempting me to run out screaming from my day gig so I can do the same. ‘cept I have no other income 😦

  4. Wendy said,


  5. Simon said,

    Are you saying you don’t have a jobber in San Fran that sells leather ?

    Why would you bother going to a Goodwill store to source anything ?

  6. Simon said,

    Are you saying you don’t have a jobber in San Fran that sells leather ?

    Why would you bother going to a Goodwill store to source anything ?

  7. thanks, ladies!

    karen–i have no income but my past savings and it hurts. sigh. i don’t recommend running out screaming from you day gig. 🙂

    simon–i want to find a vintagey, beat up leather jacket to cut apart for swatches.

  8. Leslie said,

    You should also check out Fabric Outlet on 17th and Mission. Last I checked they were selling a rainbow assortment of leather scraps.

    You could also check out SCRAP SF. I got some very small leather scraps from there a while back:

    Good luck! =)

  9. wow! thanks, Leslie!

  10. jeanne said,

    i have two varieties of vintagey chocolate brown leather you’re welcome to… one is darker and shinier and probably 2oz, and the other is a little ruddier and thicker, maybe 3.5oz. lemme know if you want to swing by and take a look.

  11. Maria Palma said,

    It is nice to see that you have your mojo back, girl! Sometimes we just have to take a step back and just breathe…and find that motivation and spark…and wonder why the heck we do what we do in the first place!

  12. SIMON said,

    I thought for sure you knew how to do your own distressing of leather, having spent time as a designer at “that other company” that did leather stuff.

    Most of
    the stuff you need is in the kitchen pantry, and I assume you you own a hairdryer, oven, and have piece of sandpaper kicking around. A few bricks you heat, A heavy chain ?

    With this little bit of knowledge, leather sores usally give you swatches for you take into your “lab”. 90 % of brands doing any form of distressd leather buy real non corrected skins and go to town. Cutting a vintage garment for scrap seems like waste.

  13. ooh, Jeanne, I’ll email you tomorrow.

    long time no talk, maria! thanks.

    simon, it’s not the distressing part i have problems with, it’s finding the right leather to begin with. right leather = the color & weight close to what i’m looking for + not from a wholesaler + within my budget + not 1 little swatch.

  14. Danielle said,

    Goodwill is an old fashion-school staple for fabric swatches that won’t be sourced at the jobbers. Particularly for sweater knits and leather, I recall. In fact I’ve seen people on a deadline cut into their own closets – I have.

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