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portfolio overhaul almost done

Posted in my work by verbalcroquis on February 10, 2007

Click here to see the project I’ve been working on for fall 2007.

I’m not too pleased with it.  I think I should just embrace the fact that I’ll never be as good an illustrator as I hope.  The clothes are boring.  This is what happens when I try to do “clean, salable clothes”.  Oh well.  Tell me what you think.  Practice makes perfect.


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  1. Perfectionist much? 😉

    The designs are great Zoe. If they were in the store, I’d buy a few pieces!

    I think you’ve just been looking at them too long — if IIRC, you’ve been working on them for a few weeks now… no wonder you can see nothing but the ‘flaws’!

  2. Wendy said,

    So not boring, Zoe!! In fact, if I could scoop up the red jacket or the black cropped jacket I’d be there. In a heartbeat.

  3. Karen C. said,

    Stunning! Very cohesive, and, yes, very salable. Making some mad crazy money making women feel good about buying and wearing your clothes is a good thing, darlin’. That’s the biz. Galliano does wonderfully creative stuff, but when’s the last time you saw someone wearing his stuff walking down the street? Feel me?

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