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Posted in personal by verbalcroquis on March 5, 2007

As some of you may know, I’ve not been myself lately. Being unemployed doesn’t sit well with me. I’ve looked and looked (and looked and looked) for a design job, but SF is just not offering anything in that realm. It would be a different story if I sent out a million resumes and got rejected everywhere, but I can count the number of resumes I’ve sent out on one hand–there just aren’t any jobs, period. Also, I am a people person–as much as they annoy me sometimes, spending long days alone does not agree with me. The husband doesn’t come home until 8pm, so the majority of my day is spent alone, and lately, banging my head against the wall. Feelings of worthlessness and loneliness do not a happy VC make. So things came to a boil on Friday and this is what I came up with:

First of all, I had 5 options:

1. Keep looking for design work. Keep banging head against wall.

2. Become a housewife. Strangle self with apron strings after shoving husband in oven. He’s skinny–he’ll fit.

3. Assaf suggested we move to L.A. More jobs for me, close enough for him to telecommute easily with his office in Redwood City. I had to kindly remind him I hated living in L.A.

4. I suggested we move to New York. Lots of career opportunities. I watch Assaf struggle with his desire to be a good husband try to stop his lips from screaming “BAD IDEA!” My friend J has no qualms about saying that he hates that idea.  Another friend scrunched up his face in that not cute way.  Truth be told, I didn’t really want to move to New York anyway.

5. Stay in San Francisco, start my own company. Right. Because I have so much start up capital sitting in the bank right now.

So option #5 it is.

I’m starting my own company!

Like, right now. Are you as excited as I am? Probably more, because you don’t have the underlying terror that is preventing you from bouncing around the house like a chinky eyed version of a Mexican jumping bean. Or something.

I’ll be getting a part time “regular” job, and spending the rest of time plotting the beginnings of my future empire.  Heh.  Wish me luck.


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  1. Julie said,

    Anything I can do to help let me know! Boy ohh boy have I been there. But having your own company is pretty great, though I still spend the day alone without the boyfriend and i have to admit I sort of hate it.

    But it is getting better!

    New York is great though, Brooklyn is just like SF but with better coffee! 😉

  2. Elke said,

    Oh my god, I’m so excited for you. Like they say, if it isn’t working right, do it yourself. You HAVE to let us know what happens next!

  3. Dalila said,

    Wow Zoe, that’s great! I’m excited for you. I’m looking forward to your upcoming posts on how it’s going. Good luck!

  4. Rebecca said,

    WOO HOO!!!

    When you put it like that, it’s so obvious! Hopefully the network of admirers you have built in the blogosphere will prove to be an asset.

    IMO, you totally have the personality to pull it off!

  5. Danielle said,



  6. Yvonne said,

    You go girl!! How exciting!
    I know the feeling a little scary at times but stimulating ….I’ve been lurking around your site for awhile for inspiration and motivation.
    I’m kind of in the same boat as you …..I recently lost my job , it was my first real full time design job prior to that I had been freelancing in film & TV in Toronto and attempted to start my own business doing custom evening and bridal wear; business didn’t take off and I pretty much lost all my savings and had to go back to working full time. ( Wish I had Kathleen’s book then.)
    I’ve been sending out the resumes but nothing yet. There’s not that much going on in Toronto either I could move to Vancouver or Montreal I don’t have a significant other to worry about but I like where I live. So my mantra for 2007 is “I can create the job I want” and with that I’ve begun work on my S/S 2008 line. Still no savings but I figure I’m doing what I love so the money will come. I’ve been doing “regular” temp work and putting out feelers for freelance work. Being a bit introverted I like working solo, there’s much to occupy my days., and I get a lot done working alone; when I’m feeling house bound and in need of social interaction I go to the gym or take a yoga class.
    Anyways…I wish you well and I’m sure you’ll keep us posted on your progress.

  7. […] of my favourite designers, verbal croquis is becoming a designer entrepreneur.  That she is going to be blogging it fills me with joy.  Zoe […]

  8. jeanne said,

    HOORAY!! you will kick so much ass at this!

    and when you’re going stir-crazy and just need to get out of the house, i’m always available for a farleys-and-vent session.

  9. thanks, everyone! i hope i’ll be able to keep up with updates and stuff for you.

  10. Paize said,

    Hi, I just want to wish you the best. I’ve been lurking around your blog for a bit. I’ve actually just decided to start my own line also, not too long ago. I am working on a capsule Holiday ’07 Collection. Whave yo decided which collection you will be working on first?

  11. Good luck Zoe!

  12. Wendy said,

    Way to go Zoe! You know we’re cheering you on as loud as we can!

  13. SRR said,

    Best of luck,Zoe! I just started my own business as well (though this is on the side until I can get my real job). Scary as hell, lots of hard work, no time to sleep, but the experience is like none other. Can’t wait to see the fruits of your talent!

  14. "katie" said,

    brilliant idea…I kind of thought you would come to this conclusion. I started my company when I had my baby…I couldn’t see myself going back to work for somebody else.

    don’t worry about the money (haha-easy for me to say), but really, don’t worry. It does not take alot of money to start up and create a sample line plus it helps that you have a husband bringing home some bacon. money should never stop you, there are creative ways to get it.

    let me know if you need any help. good luck and congratulations!

  15. i. am. so. EXCITED for you.


    I wish you the best… THE BEST! I will help you any way that I can – You know where to find me! (and I’m not just saying that, you know it!)


  16. Linda said,

    Zoe – how about letting those of us in the SF Bay area who like your designs know how we could contact you and check out your clothes? Are you familar with Diana Slavin? Her clothes are very wearable, in great fabrics with a bit of difference and she makes sure that they fit you. Her store is located on Claude Lane. I love that she will alter clothes or even cut clothes so they fit her customers. Seems like she has had a nice business for a while. Good luck, we all look forward to more beautiful clothes in life and doing business with talented people! Linda

  17. thanks again, everyone.

    to those of you who offered help–be afraid, be very very afraid, who knows when i’m come crawling and crying? heh.

    linda: it’s a bit too early for that, but of course i will keep everyone posted.

  18. whatever, dude. dealing with crawling and crying is my specialty. im a lawyer, remember? ;o)

  19. joi: bwaaaaaaaaaahhahahahaaha~ i have a lot of lawyer friends–i should know that by now. dammit, i wish you lived here so we could hang out some more. when are you coming to visit SF?

  20. SIMON said,

    I would imagine that with all the people and resources available to you through yor FAshion-Incubator connections it was no brainer.

    You have a very high degree of talent. Way above average. Way above industry average. Use the tools that have been given to you.

    Prove to the world that a small company in San Fran affected drastically in the apparel industry can kick ass and become a sought after brand. Make it expensive, make it exclusive, make it domestic.

    I really hope you succceed in a big way/

  21. thanks so much, Simon!

    >Make it expensive, make it exclusive, make it domestic.

    I like where you’re going with that. We shall see…

  22. Milana said,

    I am so happy for you, a talanted designer like you deserve it! I really want to see the line! :)BEST OF LUCK!

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