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a lit cigarette always brings the bus

Posted in company talk by verbalcroquis on March 7, 2007

All sorts of interesting job openings have been emailed my way the past 3 days, including one fairly tempting ad for a design director with 5+ years experience (that’s me!).  Five interesting job leads in 3 days while I couldn’t find any for 3 months!  Fuck!  Excuse me.

Whatever.  Moving on.

To do list:  order some books, plan trip to the L.A. International Textile Show next month, call Kathleen and ask her if I’ve lost my mind, clean workspace, find regular part time job.

Have I mentioned I love my husband?  Starting tomorrow, y’all can start emailing me at zoe at zoehong dot com!


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  1. "katie" said,

    a lit cigarette brings everything! oh, and if you are looking to get pregnant just join a gym or consider joining a gym…! LOL

  2. hahahahahahaha~

  3. Paize said,

    I hear you! I was actually planning on starting my line in Dec. but a full-time job opportunity came up and I took it. Bad move. 6 Miserable weeks later, I quit and started my line.

    What books are you ordering?

  4. joy joy joy joy joy!
    We’re waiting with bated breath! Call anytime sweetie! Actually, anybody can call me MST, m-f 505.525.1577. I’m just putting it here zoe so you know where you can always find it.

  5. Paize–I ordered a bunch of books and I’ll post about them as I receive them and look through them.

    Kathleen–oh please. It’s not like I don’t already have you on speed-dial.

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