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taking the day off

Posted in personal by verbalcroquis on March 14, 2007

Hit me like a ton of bricks last night.  Head feeling like its stuck in a vice, pain beyond anything I’ve felt before, overwhelming nausea. The husband says it’s a migraine.  I don’t know–never had one before.  Feeling better but still not 100%, so taking a day (maybe 2, hopefully not) off from thinking/reading/research/writing/obsessing.  Oy, my head.

Otherwise, I’ve been good.  Making to-do lists, designing some concept pieces (not things that will necessarily go in the line, but pieces that help me visually define my customer), thinking lots, confirmed with various people that no, I have not lost my mind.  Socializing as much as I can now since I’m predicting work-related social isolation later on.

Have any of y’all seen Seamless? (I used to work for two women from the South and “y’all” got stuck on my tongue.)  Showing this movie to the husband is on my to-do list, so he can have some idea of what he might be living with in the nearish future.  Also planning to show him Unzipped.  They may not be exactly what it’s like to start your own business, but it’s closer than anything else out there and I feel I need to warn him.  Heh.


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  1. i love seamless.

    it showed in a little theater in the west village, near my apartment, right after it came out. i was one of three people in the showing, and i believe that it was right after i started my blog. I really think that it was one of a chain of events last year that made me really rethink what what fashion, and really entrepreneurism, generally, was about, and solidly reinforced my desire to use my law degree in a manner which would be useful to people like those depicted.

    um, right after i finish paying off these loans, that is.

    anyhow, seamless also made my mother love doo ri. i made her watch it one visit to new york… i say made, but after the first few minutes, she was hooked too.

    i need to see unzipped, as well…

  2. Christy B. said,

    I really enjoyed seamless, y’all is one of the most essential words in my vocabulary, and feel better soon!

  3. lynda said,

    Check if you are pregnant…..a severe headache is a sign of something wrong.

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