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Posted in DE stuff,personal by verbalcroquis on March 28, 2007

-Chopped off 8″ of hair yesterday. Husband says he feels like he’s cheating on his wife because I look so different. I haven’t had hair so short in years. I got sick of the damaged ends. It’s actually too short for any of my faux pieces. Hrm. Shoulda thought of that beforehand.

-Looking forward to going to L.A. in a couple of weeks. I’ll be there April 13-18th. Gonna see my baby brother! We’re gonna go to the arcade and shoot stuff and ride fake motorcycles and eat hot dogs and discuss literature and politics. He’s kinda awesome. He’s such a typical 15 year old, but then he’ll surprise me–a couple of years ago, he read 1984 just because he “felt like it”. Oh! and gonna meet some cool blogosphere folks!

-Speaking of motorcycles, the husband finally ordered me a helmet so we can go on rides. It’s black, of course. Woohoo!


-Found out playing sudoku relaxes me, but not when the husband hovers over my shoulder randomly saying “3 over here”.

-Thinking it’s totally unfair if someone calls you to schedule a phone interview, forgets to call you, and then reschedules, and then calls you 2 hours to tell you the position has been filled. Bah. Don’t want to work for someone that disorganized anyway.

-Happy to hear California is banning plastic shopping bags. I’m sure my Environmental Sciences major sister will be even happier.

-Struggling over setting up a calendar for the next year. I’m a deadline-oriented person, and I vacillate on how much deadline padding I need for various things.  And then I keep remembering more things to add to the calendar.  Anyone know where I can purchase a big poster calendar so I can see the whole year in one glance?

-Cleaning and organizing. Trying to figure out a way to rearrange the furniture so I can make better use of my workspace. Peeping toms can generally find me randomly staring intently at my living room. Suspecting my kimono are breeding while unattended. Sorting and reviewing my library. Suspecting someone (with great taste, of course) is stealing from my books and mags stash.

-Smoking less lately.

-Realizing the more I read about up and coming designers, things would be way easier if I were a pretty gay man or at least a thin cute girl. I’m only half kidding. Okay, I’m mostly kidding. Okay, okay, that was an awful thing to say.

-Wishing I could have a frank conversation with someone where we could discuss my strengths and weakness in preparation for starting my own company. I’m feeling a bit ungrounded right now.


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  1. Miss Cheeky said,

    With regard to your strengths and weaknesses, does it have to be someone in your field or will someone who has started their own business in another field be able to assist you?

    The reason I ask is because the woman that does SPs facials and eyebrows runs her own lil beauty business. You could maybe make an appointment for a facial or something pampering like and maybe talk to her some about running a business.

    Also, SP used to run a massage business and while I can’t think of any more people off the top of my head, I am sure there are other people who could help you out in this regard.

    It might be nice to have it focused on the fashion industry specifically, but getting some feedback on general stuff can’t be harmful.

    Just a thought.

  2. SRR said,

    Sweet ride!

    You picked the right time to come out to LA. The weather had been fabulous save for a crazy windy day or two.

  3. Christy B. said,

    I don’t know you well enough to know your strengths and weaknesses, but I like chatting if you need somebody to email. Good job on smoking less… saying that your hair looks different is useless without pictures!

  4. Rebecca said,

    I too am looking forward to seeing a picture of the haircut.

    On the furniture arranging thing – I can really relate! Hopefully it won’t take you 9 1/2 years like it did me. I finally looked over at my living room about 2 weeks ago and saw it: the arrangement that works. Now, if I only had any money, I could go shopping for furniture (there’s no point in buying furniture if you aren’t sure where to put it).

    Anyway, you have alot (I know that’s not a word, I’m campaigning to make it one) more spatial skills than I do, so I’m sure it will come to you. I like to say, “Sometimes the space I’m staring at is The Big Picture.” 🙂

  5. Maria Palma said,

    Hey Zoe,

    Glad to read that you’ve cut down on the smokin’!

    Just keep being you and I know you will succeed. If you ever need some help, don’t hesitate to drop me a line!

  6. Cheeky–let’s talk next time we see each other. Oh, and it’s SPRN, remember? Yes, I want to pick her brain too about this and that. Hrm, let me know when C’s not there and maybe we’ll have a stitch’n’bitch.

    SRR–you’re in LA? There’s a gathering of VC/FI folks on that Monday and you’re totally welcome to join us. Yeah, it’s a hella sexy bike.

    Christy–I loved talking shop with you in OB. I may take you up on that offer soonish.

    Rebecca–A woman I know used to say “sometimes you just need to stand on the couch,” you know, see things a different way. Hopefully I’ll figure something out. Of course, the graveyard of laptops is kinda in the way.

    Maria–hey lady! Long time no talk. Thanks for your offer.

    you ladies are amazing, as usual.

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