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photos, upon request

Posted in personal by verbalcroquis on March 31, 2007


The new helmet! (FYI, the bike below is the husband’s not mine. I don’t know how to drive one. Yet.)

Photo 14

This is me, pre-haircut. This was taken just before I got married, so my hair was a little longer than this when I finally cut it.

Photo 112

Here I’m all made up wearing pjs–I just got home from a party last night and was in the middle of getting ready for bed and in my tired haze remembered y’all requesting photos. (That’s why my lipstick’s all gone.)  It’s basically a blunt bob a little longer than chin-length, a little longer in the front than the back.

What do you think? I know, I know, the photo’s not too good. I’ll post a better one later.


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  1. Rebecca said,

    I like! (You look alot cuter without the helmet, although I suppose it also demonstrates a certain style …)

  2. Christy B. said,

    It’s so so similar to my current haircut; you have good taste. Ha! I’m growing mine back out some though because I can’t go without the ponytail.

  3. jeanne said,

    hot! the bob has attitude. dig it.

  4. Aaron H. said,

    I LOVE the hair cut. It looks great.

  5. thanks guys!

    hey A, you and E coming up Friday?

  6. Wendy said,

    Yup. Love the hair!

  7. SRR said,

    I like the haircut =).

  8. Beavis said,

    When I look at you, I see the villainous Asian woman in a Charlie Chan movie or a Peter Sellers spoof. .

    Now I’m not criticizing your looks or anything. You might think about theatre art vs. fibre arts that’s all.

    You could get work in a multitude of forms. That first picture of you with the long hair is nasty, but would definitely attract a casting director. You think you where I’m coming from ?

    Love to see ya win an Oscar or an Emmy.

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