verbal croquis

in 16 minutes…

Posted in DE stuff,events by verbalcroquis on April 13, 2007

…I, with the husband and Jeanne of the 615 Project, will be taking off for L.A.  It is the Very First Official Zoë Hong Company Business Trip.

I overpacked, as usual, so I had to take the dead bodies out of the trunk.

I’ll be back Wednesday night, and will hopefully post about my adventures as soon as possible.   Happy Friday the 13th and have a good weekend!


4 Responses to 'in 16 minutes…'

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  1. Livette said,

    Nice blog!

  2. Smoooochie said,

    So, how’d it go?

  3. Karen C. said,

    Hey, Zoe, sorry we didn’t meet up on Monday. Are you back in town yet? Going to the de Young on Friday, 4/20? I hope to see ya there.

  4. *extravagant sigh* how’d it go? we wanna know!!!

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