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Posted in DE stuff,events by verbalcroquis on April 24, 2007

funny LA chicken sign

Photo by Jeanne, on our way to visit the Evans Group facilities on Wednesday. Dude. Crispy Chickenjoy and Juicy Yumburger. heeheeheeheeheehee~

Friday 4/13
You’re motorin’! What’s your price for flight?

Apparently approximately $3.50/gal for gas, which was split between me, the husband and Jeanne. Friday was spent driving. A lot. I hear rumors that there are people who manage to live in L.A. without a car, but I also hear rumors that creams will get rid of cellulite.

Saturday 4/14
Relaxing, and The Most Delicious Pho Ever ™ at Noodle World. Start to feel allergies attacking my nose. I always feel my sexiest when my nose is running, don’t you?

Sunday 4/15
I wake up feeling distinctly not happy. I’m sick. I’m cold, I’m hot, my muscles feel weird and sometimes I think I have no bones. Reluctantly cancel plans to hang with my brother and cousin. Flaking on people makes me cranky. Being sick makes me cranky.

Monday 4/16
First day of the textile show. Still feeling sick, so unable to attend. Worry about whether I’ll be able to do everything on Tuesday. Double up on meds. Regretfully was unable to meet the FI peeps for drinks. A VC reader tried to go to the Golden Gopher but the door was locked. Anyone know what happened?

Tuesday 4/17
Finally feeling good enough to go downtown to walk the textile show. I go upstairs to 13th floor, start walking around. Wonder why it’s so quiet. Walk around some more. Wonder where everyone is, wonder why there’s not more vendors. The last of these I’d attended, I was working in L.A. in 2004. I was working in the Cooper Building, which is kitty-corner from the CalMart. Because the show back then was so crowded and so vast, my boss and I would need to go back to the office every once in a while to get our bearings again. We would hop floors, and the halls were packed with people, a dull roar filling the spaces.

This year, the entirety of the show took up only the A and B buildings of only one floor of the CalMart. (The CalMart is divided into A, B, and C buildings. Maybe I should start calling it the CMC–California Market Center, which is the new official name.) Only saw one leather guy. Ran into John at Solstiss, and he remembered my denim ball skirt from my junior year, six years ago! Surprising, since we barely knew each other when I was at school.

The show was disorganized and confusing. There were no maps except for one in each of the elevator lobbies. The booklet that listed the vendors was full of typos and wrong information. I don’t feel like I got much out of the show, but feel free to share your thoughts with me.

The husband and I went to the FCC hosted cocktail hour to meet the lovely hostess, Katie, Jacqueline, who graduated two years behind me at Otis, Katie’s husband, and some other lovely people. They had a chocolate fountain! And fixings for s’mores! Elegant but still down to earth and fun, which is Katie in a nutshell. The spread was lovely, and I would have indulged if I wasn’t heading off to dinner right after.

Wrapped up the day with a lovely dinner and a trip to Pinkberry with my family. Pinkberry is the new frozen yogurt franchise that has bombarded SoCal. The husband is now in love with Pinkberry and has been praying for a NorCal location ever since. Told my dad and aunt that I was starting my own business. As all the adult members of my extended family are business owners, the news was met with unsurprised nods, which is pretty much what I was expecting. Heh.

Wednesday 4/18
Random police barricades all over downtown L.A. threatened a late arrival to Jeanne’s and my appointment with Jennifer Evans, but we arrived in the knick of time. (I hate being late. It bothers me a lot. I hate waiting for late people, and I hate being late.) Just for clarification, no, Jeanne and I aren’t going into business together or anything, we just thought it would be convenient for everyone if we went together.

The Evans Group facilities are small, but well organized, well-lit, and clean. Yes, cluttered, but clean! I know, I’m amazed too. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a sewing/cutting factory that was as clean.  Jennifer gave us a tour, showed us some pieces her team was sewing up to show us their skill level. I was thrilled to see some impeccably sewn chiffon pieces, among others. I’m pretty sure I will be working with them on some level when the time comes. But once again, I’m not comfortable giving a solid recommendation until I’ve actually worked with them. Jennifer politely argued my last piece on them, saying that yes, they are capable of a wide varieties of specialties, and she showed me samples as some strong arguments. Come to think of it, I have a hard time imagining Jennifer being rude to anyone.

The husband demanded a stop to Pinkberry before hopping on the freeway. Happily there was no traffic on the way home, so we made it in good time.

So, I’m home now. I rested up, worked a lot to catch up on some stuff, battled a sticky space bar (among other keys, so I had to get a new keyboard), caught up with the 596 blog posts banked in my bloglines, returned a couple dozen emails, etc. Before I left for L.A., I ordered the business plan template from the Toronto Fashion Incubator, based on recommendations I received. I’m going over it now, and I’ll post my opinions on it later on. Here’s what Kathleen had to say on the matter.


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