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phase 1 complete

Posted in DE stuff by verbalcroquis on May 4, 2007

So remember when I told y’all that I was looking for a non-design regular part time job so I could have income/start-up capital while I planned My Empire ™?  I found one.  I start next Thursday.  Now I just gotta figure out this public transportation stuff, as parking in that area is a nightmare.  Woohoo!


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  1. Walter said,


    When your empire is built, might I suggest ruling it with an iron fist? Under a velvet glove, naturally.

  2. jeanne said,

    congrats, zoe! one step closer to the lotus. hehe.

    but does this mean no more midday coffees? 😦

  3. Iron fist under white kid gloves, natch.

    I get off work at 12:30-1pm every day, which gives me plenty of time for midday coffees (and jacket shopping, W…)

  4. Walter said,

    Wunderbar! I’ll be in touch…

  5. Wendy said,


  6. Karen C. said,

    Very cool. So are you joining us a Gap on Thursday for the auction?

  7. fashion watcher said,


    I see you have a company called My Empire with the tm proudly displayed beside it.

    I hear another company in Southern Ontario is also using the name. How do you figure out who was first ?

    Hope it works out well for everyone.

  8. oh, it’s not a problem. i have these silly catchphrases and i mark them TM for laughs. i don’t actually trademark my little sayings.

  9. Congratulations…what kind of job is it? if im not being too pushy!

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