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Posted in people i know,personal by verbalcroquis on May 4, 2007

Usually, one writes a fashion blogger these types of questions, but y’all already know I’m not your typical fashion blogger.

So, a friend is getting married this year, and we have both agreed that a black velvet blazer, not too formal looking, would be excellent for him to wear at the reception.  He’s around 6′ tall, and I would guess a 2XL or 3XL.  Does anyone know of any meatspace or online retailers that can accommodate our needs?  Of course, I’ve googled, but I’d also love to hear friends’ recommendations too.  Thanks!

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  1. SIMON said,

    So your friend is getting married and he is hoping to luck out on a BLACK VELVET BLAZER with special dimensions on the Internet? At 6′ tall, either a 2 or 3 XL means he is one stocky fellow with at least a 52 -54 ” chest. That would also signal he has short torso.

    I think your buddy should pull the trigger on a custom made number as it is highly doubtful he is going to find an online source.

    I suggest he find a tailor or seamstress who can make this type of apparel. Then, go and find some material suitable and get it made.

    Either that or Google stout mens black velvet blazers to which I think you will have little luck.

    If a bride can spend thousands on a dress, what is the deal with spending perhaps 300.00 on a custom jacket ?

  2. well, i seriously doubt that this particular bride will be spending thousands on a dress, but i do see your point. thanks.

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