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Posted in review by verbalcroquis on May 9, 2007

or “How Much Do I Hate Flash? Let Me Count the Ways…”

This t-shirt company based in gorgeous Dana Point called The Ryde emailed me about reviewing their product. As you know, I don’t review product, but I made an exception this time. Why? A few reasons.

First of all, the initial email was polite without being stuffy. Seriously, out of all the emails I get, the majority are not polite and spammy-sounding.

I checked out their website and I was ridiculously happy that their website doesn’t use Flash, and it doesn’t take an eon to load each page. It’s easy to navigate, and there’s a home button on each page. You’d be amazed at how many websites neglect the home button.

I hate Flash! It’s so annoying! And it’s not cool looking at all. Let the product speak for itself. People are impatient–don’t make them wait around forever. They say that the average person waits 4 seconds before their interest in the website starts waning. Not everyone surfs the web with half a dozen tabs open at once.

So in the interest of encouraging clean websites, California fashion, and cool, polite people, I agreed to take a look at their stuff.

I like their graphics, but that stuff is so subjective. Their fabric is thin. The husband is a very standard medium. The only non-medium he owns is a small Calvin Klein cotton pinstripe blazer. Their medium is a snug medium–order accordingly.

After a machine wash and tumble dry, the fabric softens, the screenprint colors remain true. My favorite part is the label–it gives instructions on how to tear it out. Step 3: Memorize care instructions.

Check them out, yo.


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  1. Miriam said,

    Thank you for speaking against Flash. I always feel that irritation when I see it, and usually leave the site without waiting.
    Your point about the home button is a Big reminder to always take care of the basics.
    I enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for pointing to The Ryde. There wasn’t anything for me there.

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