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Posted in love is in the air by verbalcroquis on May 24, 2007

The husband and I took a nice little roadtrip up to Portland last week and we stopped by the outlets on the way back. (I needed new work clothes and the lack of sales tax in Oregon was just so seductive.) Among other things, I got this little skirt at the Banana Republic outlet. I like wearing knee-length full skirts and picked up a cute camel cotton one. I really love it. It’s got a nice contoured waistband for a nice fit. It has short satin ribbon hanger loops so the skirt won’t get those ugly clamp marks from pincher hangers.

The skirt is in two layers. The top layer (a sheer batiste) is very full and fluffy. The bottom layer (poplin) is a narrower a-line skirt. The two layers are tacked together at the hem with inch-long thread chains at each side. The effect? The a-line is full enough to not restrict leg movement, but prevents the whole skirt from blowing up over one’s head in the wind. As San Francisco is pretty windy, I love how this skirt is constructed–so much so I also bought one in light blue.

I also picked up a couple of skirts at the Calvin Klein outlet. They reinforce the skirt waistlines with grosgrain ribbon to prevent stretching. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, next time you see a grosgrain ribbon, 1/4″ or 2″, at a trim shop or on some kid’s head, trying stretching it. Try harder. Try again. Yup. Unstretchable. Very handy in making corsets.

I am such a clothing geek, this kind of stuff puts a spring in my step.


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  1. Since moving to SF, I’ve often wondered: do designers add extra weight to hemlines to avoid inadvertent flashing? A few years ago, I was walking in the Financial District when a gust blew a woman’s skirt up over her face — sort of like of Marilyn Monroe’s pose in “The Seven Year Itch.”

    A woman behind me in the crosswalk quipped, ” reminds me of prom night!”

  2. fashion watcher said,

    Don’t you love outlet mall shopping now ? Elimination of quota in most categories has really led to lower prices overall, and the American public is getting used to it.

    btw, using a grosgrain tape in waists is a rustic way of preventing stretching. Hiding it within is more genteel method and people refer to the material as India taping.

  3. Stylefinder said,

    I have a GAP skirt with grosgrain waistline that I totally love. It really helps to keep the shape of the skirt, I hate when things get all stretched out and baggy.

    (Normally I don’t buy GAP clothes but this was consignment, for like $10. So I figured – why not?) Plus it is so cute.

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