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Posted in DE stuff,general by verbalcroquis on June 3, 2007

I haven’t been feeling too social lately, but a recently relocated friend returned to SF for a visit so the hordes came out, eager to see her, myself included. Good times, peppered with several “reprimands” for dropping off the face of the planet.  Despite my protests that there wasn’t much going on, or many elements of my life are up in the air and constantly changing and therefore I had little to report on, an update has been demanded.

  • Zoë Hong LLC is moving, most likely. The owner of our loft is looking to sell. More news on that as I get it.  Yes, we’re staying in SF.
  • Been reading a lot.  Fashion books, some fiction.  Reread the Harry Potter series in preparation for the new book and movie next month.  Got some really cool fashion books (on sewing, merchandising, etc.) at The Most Amazing Bookstore when I was in Portland last month.
  • My new job is rad.  I’ve been there for three weeks now, and I really love it.  Most of all, my bosses (a married couple of my parents’ generation) are awesome.  They’re the kind of people that inspire loyalty and hard work.
  • Preparing to start working on my first samples.  Initial drapes and patterns, working out construction kinks, etc.
  • In the market for an industrial sewing machine that can handle regular wovens as well as lightweight leathers and a big, sturdy pattern table.  Used is ok.  I’ve been tinkering around online, checking craigslist and the such.
  • Recently decided to stop fighting it and resign myself to my fate as a napper.  I like sleeping 5 hours at night and taking a 1.5-2 hour nap later in the day/early evening.  Sigh.  Years spent trying to correct my sleeping schedule have been unceremoniously chucked out the window.

It’s amazing how much one can write about nothing, isn’t it?  Not a lot is happening these days.  Just pleasant life stuff.

How are you doing?  Really, I want to know.


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  1. Aaron H. said,

    I’m doing great. Crazy busy as always.

    I’m glad to hear the job is so great. I guess that is there to balance out the moving thing. I would NOT want to trade places with you. I’m done with moving.

  2. Christy B. said,

    Yay Zoe! I’m looking to move too, closer to my new job. It’s weird having the title of “designer” but I love it. Work is good, life is good, and it’s slowly turning into my favorite time of the year- summer. Good luck with the relocation.

  3. Rebecca said,

    That’s awesome that you have decided to adapt your life to your best personal sleeping schedule. This time of year is a bit tough for me: I have seasonal allergies, so I’m very tired, and my husband has seasonal affective disorder, so he barely sleeps. This year we are finally accepting that it’s just a temporary seasonal thing and we just need to let each other be. 🙂

  4. Karen C. said,

    So what kind of part-time gig did you get? Glad you’re back among the living–missed ya!

    For industrials, also check out ebay.

    Also next FIN meeting has a woman who’s selling her stuff at Fred Segel’s. Cool, huh? I won’t be there–left leg in a cast, and don’t feel like driving all the way from Sac with it.

    Good luck with the move.

  5. Edubya said,

    You know what’s great about moving? Throwing all the unnecessary crap out. 🙂

    I’m good. Work is busy. Home is busy. Wedding is really close. ACK!

  6. Karen! WTF? Why is your leg in a cast? What happened?

    Christy: When did you leave your old job? Where are you working now? Email me!

    E: Yeah, I’m reeeeeeeeally looking forward to throwing out a bunch of crap. Oh, and happy belated birthday!

    Rebecca: I hear there are special daylight-mimicing light bulbs that help with SAD….I hope you’re feeling better soon.

    A: Well, I’m used to moving about once a year, so it seems weird to me to have stayed at my current place for so long (almost 3 years).

  7. Beavis said,

    Hi ,
    Say how do you get those little dot thingies over the E in your name ? CTRL -Shift and ???
    I hear real estate prices inSan Fran are obscene. 500K gets you an entry level hovel in Daly City. You and hubby need to make some money quick.

  8. Danielle said,

    I got a p/t job that I like too, nope not a designer…

  9. Karen C. said,

    I’m trying to come up with a sexy story about the cast, but the truth is it’s plantar fascitis, and the cast is to immobilize my foot so it can heal. It’s neon pink, and I’m waiting to the last 1-2 weeks to really go crazy with Sharpies! And, of course, I needed to work with my patternmaker last night on pants fitting! It was hilarious because she had to keep helping me take my pants off. We’re getting married soon….LOL.

    So how’s the designing going, dear?

  10. Janelle said,

    HI, I have been reading your blog for awile. It is very interesting, even if you don’t have much to say. I am a designer also, who is looking for a part time job. crazy! Since I am not courageous enough yet to start working on a clothing line ( I design children’s wear) I will brave graduate school in the fall. So right now I am okay. I am going to start reading my old fashion school books get my self immersed in fashion so I can be as ready as poosible for the fall. check out my blog when you ar bored. Thks!

  11. Beavis: on PCs, alt+0235 (capital is alt+0203)
    on macs, option+u, e (capital is option+u, shift+e)
    Yes, everything around here is ridiculously expensive. yeesh.

    D: I’m gonna write you back soon, I swear. I’m so behind on my emails. I suck. 😦

    K: LOL! We really need to get together for coffee sometime. The designing is going fairly well–I think it’s more of a confidence problem at this point.

    Janelle: Thanks for dropping by and I will check out your blog soon!

  12. Karen C. said,

    I totally understand the confidence thing. But look at the next 10 people and how they’re dressed. If they’ll buy what they’re wearing, I’m sure they will buy your clothes. Especially if it fits and is made well.

    Need any hook-ups for pattern makers or sample sewers? Let me know.

    Jot down July 9th for a get-together. I can come early into the city before the FIN meeting.

  13. karen: you know what i need? an industrial pattern/cutting table. 6’x8′ if i can swing it. been looking all over the damn place but having no luck on not incredibly expensive options…

    woohoo! can’t wait til then!!! *happy dance*

  14. Maria Palma said,

    Hey Zoe!

    Looks like you and me both have dropped off the face of the earth. I’ve been hibernating (yes, it’s winter in my world) and working on some writing projects. Blogging up a storm on my other blogs, but haven’t been hanging around much over at TheRunwayScoop.

    Glad to see things are going well. Tell your friend “M” I said Hi!

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