verbal croquis

dear w,

Posted in people i know by verbalcroquis on June 8, 2007

I recently found out that the Queen of England has weights sewn into the hems of her skirts so they don’t blow up in the wind.  Totally thought of you.  Hee.


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  1. Ha!

    Of course, now I’m picturing HRH the Queen having a Marilyn moment over a subway grating. Too funny.

  2. i thought of YOU on saturday when i DID have a marilyn moment over the subway grating. twas horrid. i think im going to have to sew weights into that dress, b/c it is rather cute, but also like a windsock!

  3. Beavis said,

    Do you know that Marks&Spencer are the purveyors of underwear to the House of Windsor ?

    With the amount of public appearances she puts in at outdoor venues such as horse races and polo matches, yeah ,I’m not surprised she has weights sewn in. I am not sure we need to see Queen Elizabeth’s undergarments in any event.

  4. joi: LOL! a thin chain in the hem should do the trick. i think you can get inexpensive chains on rolls cut to order in craft stores.

    beavis: yeah, i think i knew that, and yes, i’m not really interested in seeing the queen’s skivvies either.

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