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party party party

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Celebrate in Style

San Francisco Fashion Week

with The 615 Project, Hangar One, and farmerbrown

Tuesday, August 14, 8-11pm

farmerbrown, 25 Mason St. @ Market

$5 Hangar One specialty cocktails

Farm-fresh soul food small bites

P.S. Hell yeah, I’m gonna be there! It’s my girl, Jeanne!

this and that

Posted in DE stuff,personal by verbalcroquis on July 18, 2007

–Danielle–my new place is 1825 sq ft and way less than $3000. That’s why I found SF rents so disgusting. I probably should have explained that better before.

–Simon–turns out the floors are the originals.  And I think you have to do a better job trying to convince me of Raider Nation.

–I got my Federal Tax ID on Friday! I feel so official.  I would have filed some other forms (I put them off until I moved so I wouldn’t have to file change of address forms), but the only checks I have left are Hello Kitty checks (yes, laugh, they’re for the husband’s and my joint account–my own checks are boring, but I ran out of those) so I ordered some nice plain tan ones.  I don’t know if I want to file my LLC papers with Hello Kitty checks.

–Bedroom and kitchen are unpacked.  The rest of the house, however…

–It really annoys me when I get a salad with too much “stuff” and not enough greens.  FYI.

–Taco trucks:  sublime heart attacks on wheels.


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Always on the prowl for long sleeve options, I picked up this cardigan at Target while shopping for new shower curtains and such.

The husband:  “What is that, layering for lazy people?”

You teach a man a few fashion concepts and this is what you get.  Your very own in-house smartypants.

notes on the new place

Posted in home life by verbalcroquis on July 14, 2007

Dear Karen,

Please move closer to me to the Yay Area, pronto.




Dear Jeanne,

Please move to Oakland at the end of your lease.




Yeah, nobody commented on the floors. Are they original ? The beams certainly are, so I thought the floors might also be. Sweet.

I have no idea, but they look old-in-the-cool-way.

Why Oakland ?

Because the rent prices are ridiculously better than San Francisco, and I wanted a big place to set up a studio and office. Lots of places in SF were asking for $3000/mo for around 1000 sq ft. Ick. Also, I’d rather live in an urbane area of Oakland than a suburby area of SF.

How close is the ball stadium?

I have no idea, and I’m not too fussed really. I used to follow hockey and basketball a lot in high school, but now, I only pay attention to the World Cup (soccer).

Do you plan on joining the Raider Nation?

I beg your pardon?

Are the oysters safe to eat out of the bay?

I don’t know, but growing up in Alaska has made me into rather a seafood snob.


Dear non-fashion-or-blogging-related-friends,

I have no idea when I’m having my housewarming. I love you, but please stop asking. Of course you can come and visit in the meanwhile.  If you’re lucky, I’ll even come pick you up from BART.



costco, the “anti-wal-mart”

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Not fashion related, but business related. I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned it, but of the members of my extended family older than me, all but 3 cousins either own or have owned their own business(es) with various levels of success. I’d say business is in my blood.  It certainly was the most frequent topic of conversation at home.  Location, parking, finding a decent general manager, escrow, liquor licenses, taxes, etc.  Anyway, I found this article really interesting and thought I’d share.

as yet unfurnished

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woohoo! it’s moving week! finally!

i love the light

the stairs that lead to nothing.

lots of windows

the husband, standing in what will be my studio space

view from the studio

view from where the husband was standing in the above photo.


the kitchen. the front door is far right of the frame.

the bedroom

the bedroom upstairs. the white corner on the left is the bathroom.


Posted in general by verbalcroquis on July 6, 2007

* A 825 million dollar bid has been made for Barneys from a company based in Dubai. Speculation erupts as to whether or not Jews will continue to shop there, like what happened at Harrods. The Uniqlo folks, who are based in Japan, puts in a 900 million dollar bid completely randomly. Business is weird.

* Therefore, send not to know for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for the future of haute couture. Or so we thought. And now it’s growing in leaps and bounds. Okay, more like hops and tap steps. The class of clothes I call “disposable” is growing in actual leaps and bounds. Just something to note.

* I am drowning in boxes. Yes, I found a place, yes, it’s fabulous, yes, I’ll post pics before and after furnishing when I can. I’m moving next week.

* I know, my blogging leaves much to be desired right now. For all three of you who read me still, thanks.