verbal croquis

as yet unfurnished

Posted in home life by verbalcroquis on July 10, 2007

woohoo! it’s moving week! finally!

i love the light

the stairs that lead to nothing.

lots of windows

the husband, standing in what will be my studio space

view from the studio

view from where the husband was standing in the above photo.


the kitchen. the front door is far right of the frame.

the bedroom

the bedroom upstairs. the white corner on the left is the bathroom.

13 Responses to 'as yet unfurnished'

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  1. mynx said,

    love it!
    trying hard not to be jealous.
    can’t wait to see it live!

  2. Paize said,

    Beautiful space, a place like that in NYC will be easily 3 million dollars. So jealous. I am currently working off my dining room table in my living/dining room and am just waiting for the day my DH steps on a stray pin and curse me and all my pins.

  3. Karen C. said,

    What an awesome space! Ok, that does it–moving to the Bay NOW!

  4. Els said,

    Congrats on your new house and studio, it looks fantastic. Looking forward to see it furnished with your sewing/drafting equipment.

  5. jeanne said,

    maybe i DO need to move to oakland after all. damn.

  6. stacy lim said,

    have you heard of this site:

    i just subscribed and wanted some feedback. so far so it seems good…


  7. Christy B. said,

    Looks amazing! Have fun moving in and getting all organized and stuff.

  8. Wendy said,

    Zoe, it looks absolutely ideal!

  9. Smoooochie said,

    Beautiful! I’m so excited for you.

  10. my little mouth hangeth open.

    wowza! seriously, paize, it really would be like 3milion! I think i live, sleep, bathe, sew, and have a jeweler’s bench in the space that will be your studio! (but if you need any organization help, im apparently your girl!)

  11. Simon said,

    Yeah, nobody commented on the floors. Are they original ? The beams certainly are, so I thought the floors might also be. Sweet.

    Tell us more about the neighbourhood. Why Oakland ? How close is the ball stadium ? Do you plan on joining the Raider Nation ? Are the oysters safe to eat out of the bay ?

  12. Janelle said,

    wow great space….. Go Oakland,Ca!!!

  13. Danielle said,

    far freaking out. It looks huge, really just 1000 sq ft?
    Our studio opens on the kitchen too, but yours looks much nicer =)

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