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notes on the new place

Posted in home life by verbalcroquis on July 14, 2007

Dear Karen,

Please move closer to me to the Yay Area, pronto.




Dear Jeanne,

Please move to Oakland at the end of your lease.




Yeah, nobody commented on the floors. Are they original ? The beams certainly are, so I thought the floors might also be. Sweet.

I have no idea, but they look old-in-the-cool-way.

Why Oakland ?

Because the rent prices are ridiculously better than San Francisco, and I wanted a big place to set up a studio and office. Lots of places in SF were asking for $3000/mo for around 1000 sq ft. Ick. Also, I’d rather live in an urbane area of Oakland than a suburby area of SF.

How close is the ball stadium?

I have no idea, and I’m not too fussed really. I used to follow hockey and basketball a lot in high school, but now, I only pay attention to the World Cup (soccer).

Do you plan on joining the Raider Nation?

I beg your pardon?

Are the oysters safe to eat out of the bay?

I don’t know, but growing up in Alaska has made me into rather a seafood snob.


Dear non-fashion-or-blogging-related-friends,

I have no idea when I’m having my housewarming. I love you, but please stop asking. Of course you can come and visit in the meanwhile.  If you’re lucky, I’ll even come pick you up from BART.




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  1. Simon said,

    Raider Nation. The dedicated fan base of the Oakland Raiders, known to be bellicose and extremely vocal. Costumes and face paint integral part of routine.
    I think you will like it.

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