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Posted in personal by verbalcroquis on July 18, 2007


Always on the prowl for long sleeve options, I picked up this cardigan at Target while shopping for new shower curtains and such.

The husband:  “What is that, layering for lazy people?”

You teach a man a few fashion concepts and this is what you get.  Your very own in-house smartypants.

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  1. Gala said,

    Bahaha! I love it. My boyfriend is picking up some fashion buzzwords too, it’s incredibly cute to hear him trot them out. & he’s always so proud when he does! I love the cardigan by the way, super-cute. Love the whale (?) shorts, too! Awesome!

  2. Beavis said,

    You have lost weight, I see.Good for you.

  3. No, that photo is from That’s not me.

  4. Janelle said,

    That’s funny my husband does the same. He loves to say fashion related words. His favorite to say is “swatches”. I don’t know why but he thinks it sounds funny. But it is a cute cardigan. Does it have snaps? Would be to much to button that up, lol

  5. Aja said,

    I don’t have a husband, I have a Dad. Who is super duper honest and gets such a kick out of some of my get-ups. He’s always got something to say. . .

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