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Posted in DE stuff,personal by verbalcroquis on July 18, 2007

–Danielle–my new place is 1825 sq ft and way less than $3000. That’s why I found SF rents so disgusting. I probably should have explained that better before.

–Simon–turns out the floors are the originals.  And I think you have to do a better job trying to convince me of Raider Nation.

–I got my Federal Tax ID on Friday! I feel so official.  I would have filed some other forms (I put them off until I moved so I wouldn’t have to file change of address forms), but the only checks I have left are Hello Kitty checks (yes, laugh, they’re for the husband’s and my joint account–my own checks are boring, but I ran out of those) so I ordered some nice plain tan ones.  I don’t know if I want to file my LLC papers with Hello Kitty checks.

–Bedroom and kitchen are unpacked.  The rest of the house, however…

–It really annoys me when I get a salad with too much “stuff” and not enough greens.  FYI.

–Taco trucks:  sublime heart attacks on wheels.

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  1. Elke said,

    Sooo excited for you! congrats! Like they say,everything happens for a reason! 😉

    Hopefully you’ll remember a certain makeup artist when you do your first LookBook. 🙂 I need a reason to get out of L.A.



  2. jeanne said,

    hey, if you’ve unpacked the kitchen, you’re about 80 percent done with the house. the kitchen’s always the hardest part!

    love the idea of filing business registration forms with hello kitty checks. i filed mine with superman checks, way back when…

  3. Karen C. said,

    Are you doing your LCC filing yourself? If so, talk to me. I’m just about 5 blocks from the Secretary of State’s office, and do filings there all the time for my day gig. If you mail, it takes a really long time to get your filed papers back (3 weeks or so).

  4. Karen C. said,

    Also–love the wood floors. I used to do floors (install, sand and finish) back in the day when women were just starting to do “non-traditional” work. Loved it!

  5. Simon said,

    Well, Raider Nation is a religion you gradually slip into. I am positive you may draw fashion inspiration from some of the get ups you see on game day, both male and female. Tailgating is also an activity you need to try before knocking it. Taco trucks are frowned upon. needn’t like football to join the Raider Nation. Probably a few good story lines to spice up this blog . The season starts soon, so be sure to check. Now that you reside in Oakland, it’s far more cool to be Raider fan than than a snivelling 49 er fan.

    Hello Kitty checks ? What were you thinking ? Must break that habit.

  6. *ping*…

  7. Danielle said,

    very very jealous. 1825 square feet. gawd.

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