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i rock, yes i do

Posted in company talk by verbalcroquis on September 12, 2007


A billion (or as my dear Cheeky likes to say, fortyleventeen) hours of designing, editing, redesigning, re-editing, and and and, I have a ginormous (patchwork) poster made of marking paper w/ charcoal sketches of my line pinned to my wall next to my even more ginormous pattern table. Yeah, I know the designs will evolve during sample development, but for now, the framework is set.  First muslins start tomorrow. Or, maybe I’ll take a day off. Or finally mail out the seller’s permit form that’s been sitting on my desk.


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  1. mynx said,

    woohoo! congratumalations!

  2. j said,

    yeehaw!! congrats! and seriously, don’t worry about the seller’s permit until about two weeks before you have to start buying sample fabrics.

  3. misscheeky said,


    Just in time for London Fashion Week!

  4. Danielle said,


  5. um, sorry. that was not danielle, that was me! my computer is all confused after her visit – we have merged internet personalities!

  6. Karen C. said,

    Very cool. But if you’re going to the Int’l Textile Fair in October, you may want to get your resale license soon. You need “trade” ID to get in.

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