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notes from the weekend

Posted in general by verbalcroquis on September 24, 2007

–I decided I hated everything, so I did a lot of sitting around, designing a bunch of new stuff, while watching Grey’s Anatomy.  I got the husband hooked too, so the two of us camped out in front of my computer, working and eating basically all weekend.  We blame the Crazy Chickenjoy Lady (you know who you are!) for mentioning that it was a good show in the first place.

–I was thinking about Valentino retiring.  And Ferre passing away.  And Claiborne, and Blow.  Is it just me or have there been a lot of deaths and retirements in the fashion industry this year?  Disturbing.

–I’m still in the middle of reading Deluxe.  I keep getting distracted with little things like paying bills and launching a start-up and working my day job and trying to do my share of the household chores.

–Life is busy, but I’m still around, guys.


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  1. Lady Chickenjoy said,

    Hehe. I told you so.

  2. Karen C. said,

    I sooooo understand. Imagine working with the same silhouettes and styles for 2 years! I want to do something completely out of the box–but that’s not what my customer wants. sigh

  3. Julie said,

    Welll I hope that life isn’t going to be too busy since one of these days I am going to come out to Oakland! Or since you guys have a car you can come visit us!

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