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Posted in opinions by verbalcroquis on September 26, 2007

Check out this story in WWD: “Standing Toe to Toe: More Female Designers Take Control in Fashion”.

And then tell me what you think.  Some tidbits:

Observers say an intense focus on wearable, figure-flattering clothes is among the reasons female designers have recently made enormous strides — even if they have a long way to go in such male-dominated fashion capitals as New York or Paris, not to mention the executive suite…

De Saint Pierre linked the rise in female designers today to the fact that fashion “is less couture driven. It doesn’t mean less creative. It’s become more real.” …

Missoni concurred that female designers take a different approach. “Men design what they would wear if they were women and women are flattered by the idea of wearing something a man would like them to wear,” she explained. “When I design, I always take into consideration the practical aspects of wearing, for instance, a sheer dress or a very deep neckline. So I always think what I would miss or need. I figure out new solutions, linings, finishings…

Indeed, Lanciaux said the moment of true equality will arrive only when it is no longer an issue if a designer is male or female. “When you are a great artist, everybody forgets your sex,” she said…


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  1. Lady Chickenjoy said,

    It’s interesting to read this kind of thing… I’d never really thought of women as having less power in fashion, especially since we wield the power when we vote with our checkbooks. Obviously, most of the old-guard big-name designers are men–but I think that’s more of a reflection of attitudes toward women in the workplace in previous generations than anything else. The young designer crop seems pretty well balanced between men and women, no?

    I also don’t think that consumers care at all whether a designer is male or female. Good clothes are good clothes, regardless of who dreamed them up.

    I do agree with Angela Missoni, though, that women tend to approach design from a more functional, practical perspective than many male designers. I know I think about how something will feel on the body before I think about what it will look like on the body.

    Does that approach stifle creativity in some way? Well, yes and no. It does tend to rule out crazy fantasy couture and what is typically considered fashion “art.” But on the other hand, it’s a much more complicated challenge to design pieces that are not only interesting and beautiful and timely, but also functional and durable and producible as well–and women have a leg up on designing women’s wear because they have a lifetime of experience buying and wearing women’s clothes.

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