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mad props, yo

Posted in personal by verbalcroquis on September 27, 2007

You can spot an art school student a mile away, especially fashion students.  They have the drawing boards tucked under their arms, oversized tote bags with an assortment of rulers sticking out sagging under shoulders, artbins hanging from the arm that’s just a little longer than the other, and bags under their eyes from lack of sleep.  I see girls finish up illustrations on their laps on the train.  Man, I am so glad all of that is over for me.  Because you know, once you leave school, you never stay up all night to get work done or agonize over this and that until you get nosebleeds.

But seriously, I gotta give these students mad props for being able to deal with the hassle of school while commuting by train.  It was hard enough for me to go to school but it would have been a great deal harder if I didn’t have my car.  We all schlepped so much stuff back and forth, not to mention stuff we’d have in the car, on the off chance we might need it that day.  It would suck to have to carry your final projects to school in the mass of rude shuffling bumping bodies that is the morning train.  I did a summer in London, and I took the tube everywhere, but had no classes that required major schlepping.  Taking a full backpack everywhere was crazy enough.

So yeah, mad props, guys.  And good luck.


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  1. ayomide said,

    Are talking about me? Cause that is how I have been since school started, carrying my drawing boards and large but fashionable bags that hold my art supplies while riding the Bart. I think I have some muscles now. lol but it feels good to be back in school after 7 years and I am thankful they give grad students FREE lockers that are huge.

  2. Cindee said,

    haha i remember that like it was yesterday! i was scared id poke someones eye out with my rulers when i was packed into the bus. anyways, i love your blog. just wanted to say hi.

  3. robyn s said,

    Yep. I took fashion design classes at a small community college in Santa Fe, N.M., where you could park right next to the building, and I had so many bags and portfolios to drag around! I never know how people in NYC and such places manage to carry groceries home and the like!

  4. kaylin said,

    my god, way to summarize my life in two neat little paragraphs. you think bart is bad? try riding muni to school with a 40 lb knitting machine while a smelly homeless man asks you if it’s a musical instrument.

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  6. Marsha said,

    I understand your frustration. It was a proper suitcase up the buses and down the tube in London for me on college days. On my second year I tried to save money by living in the sticks – I only lasted three months! Needless to say I stuck with flats in Zone 1 a bus trip away from college.
    Luckily I found a flat ten minutes’ walk away from college, so I quickly moved in a few months before the start of my final BA year.

    Now I’m not in London and I drive a car to get around, so being able to go to lunch with only a clutch in hand is a luxury I revel in.

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