verbal croquis

work, sleep, rinse, repeat

Posted in company talk,home life by verbalcroquis on November 29, 2007

I know I’ve been gone for a long time–I missed my blog birthday and everything.  VC is officially 2 years old.

I haven’t been posting because there’s not much to say.  Here’s my daily schedule:

7:30amish: wake up  and go to non-fashion day job

3:00pmish: arrive home and eat lunch, take care of clerical crap/bills/random chores, take nap

evening hours (depending on how long the above took):  work on my line (currently working on patterns), eat dinner, spend a little time with the husband, sometimes run errands
2:00amish: sleep

Pretty boring, unless you’re me.  I love my life.  On a good day, I can get eight solid uninterrupted hours of work on my line.  Those days, my head hits the pillow and I’m out like a light with a doofy grin on my face.  I occasionally socialize too.  My party hours are limited so I seriously milk it.  Sometimes I come home from a party around 2am on the weekend and stay up another couple of hours working.  It makes me happy.

How’re you?