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Posted in links by verbalcroquis on March 6, 2008

Hey! WWD did a little article on L.A. fashion schools and featured my alma mater, Otis. I’ve always said Otis is a great school that never got the press it deserved.

Otis is a four-year art and design college with four campuses based around Los Angeles. Fashion design students attend classes in a wing of the California Market Center in downtown Los Angles, where they have access to hundreds of apparel and accessories showrooms and a multitude of textile and trim companies. Students at Otis are known for their highly creative fashion sense, and tend to view fashion as more of an art than merchandise.

One of Otis’ strengths is its Professional Designer Mentorship Program, where designers such as John Varvatos, Francisco Costa, Vera Wang, Bob Mackie, Diane von Furstenberg, Trina Turk and BCBG’s creative director, Lubov Azria, volunteer to provide mentorship and direction from sketching and fabric draping to production of the final garment. The best work by student designers is presented on the runway at Otis’ annual scholarship fund-raising gala, held the first Saturday of May.

Current majors include architecture, communication arts, digital media, fashion design, fine arts, interactive product design and toy design.

Number of students: 1,100, with 200 in the fashion design program.

Tuition: Cost for 2007-08 is $37,000 a year, with room and board available at an additional $9,000 a year.

Notable grads: Tom Ford, Cynthia Vincent, Rick Owens and Eduardo Lucero.

And me! I’m going to be one of the “notable grads”, dammit.

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  1. Simon said,

    Ouch. $37,000 per yr ? Those are Ivy League tuitions. How does this compare to say FIT or Parsons ?

  2. Gerry said,

    I’m actually currently going to Otis – but not for fashion design. Admittedly, I’m transferring, but that’s irrelevant. Otis is a decent school, and supposedly officially better than Parsons, but more because Parsons seems to be living on its reputation as opposed to its education.

    I’m wasn’t particularly impressed with this article as neither Tom Ford nor Rick Owens were actually alumni of Otis…

  3. Simon–yeah, that’s a lot. I certainly didn’t pay that much and I didn’t graduate that long ago. From what I have heard over the years, I don’t think Parsons or FIT has anything on Otis, it’s just a matter of fit.

    Gerry–Donna Karan went to Parsons for a semester or so and they still hail her as a famous Parsons grad. All schools do the same thing, I think.

  4. lolo said,

    Yes! You ARE going to be one of Otis’s notable grads! Keep believing it, because I’ve been pulling for you ever since I first started reading your blog over a year ago!

  5. Thanks, lolo!

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