verbal croquis

tick. tock. tick……tock.

Posted in DE stuff by verbalcroquis on March 28, 2008

I sent my babies out into the wilderness.  Okay, that’s a little melodramatic.

My patterns and inputs are with the contractor right now.  My sewing is ok, not professional level, you know?  And I want these samples to look as amazing as possible.

I got 2 phone calls so far. One was about my wrist circumference being too small, the other, I forgot to draw a line on my flat so the guy wanted to clear that seam up.

I should be receiving the first set next week.  The clock is ticktocking in slow-mo.

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  1. congrats!! i imagine you sitting in the center of your vast, silent loft, twitching while you wait for your samples… watching a tumbleweed roll by.

    well, what about killing some time between now and then by coming back to da ‘hood and having coffee with me?

  2. this is exciting! cant wait to see them…

  3. WELL?!??!?!!!!!! i know you got them at 10:30 this morning…

  4. Danielle said,

    oooh… how exciting! Do we get to see??

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