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photoshoot recap

Posted in DE stuff by verbalcroquis on May 12, 2008

Thanks for the good juju, everyone–it worked.  Yesterday was freaking fantastic.

Rewind a few months.  I had set this deadline for myself.  May.  I was going to have everything ready to pitch stores in May–samples, linesheets, website, mailer, swatchcards.  May 1st, May 31st, I didn’t care, but it was going to be May.  Last month, I set it up, what with where I was in the sampling process so I could shoot photos in early May to meet my deadline. Just when I was thinking of how I was going to get these photographs done, I received a very interesting email.

A woman named Deborah Atalig pinged me on  She wrote me a very polite email, basically saying she’s a photographer in SF, looking for fashion designers to collaborate with. I took a look at her portfolio and thought it looked cool so I agreed to meet with her for coffee.  The meeting went well; we had our shoot on Saturday.

The shoot was fantastic. I had previously arranged for my friend J to come help me.  I’ve always admired her style and thought she would be a great second pair of eyes.  I remember the first time we met she was wearing this divine navy velvet number.  Anyway, she ended up being the best damn assistant ever.  I discovered she worked as a photographer’s assistant for a while when she lived in New York.  She was amazing; tireless with a sharp eye and a diplomatic tongue.  Love!

It was Deborah, me, J, and my model.  We all got along, the collaboration was good, no whiners, no primadonnas, we were a great team.  We ate, we joked, we giggled, we posed, clickclickclick, how about this, how about that? clickclickclick fabulous!  Energy was high pretty much all day.  Things just worked.  My model, who is not a professional model but a friend who is an oncology research scientist who also just happens to be beautiful, looked amazing in everything.  Don’t hate her because she’s beautiful.  And brainy.  And nice.  And makes really good cupcakes.

Honestly, I was worried about Deborah, since I didn’t know her from Adam, but I did have a good feeling about her from our first meeting.  Turns out I didn’t have to worry.  She was punctual, for starters.  Thorough, professional, easy going but hard working, fun, with perfectionist tendencies in the least overbearing way possible.

I had stayed up the night before taking apart one of my samples. At 3am, deciding to draft patterns for and cut new spiral ruffles out of organza, the dancing queen of all fabrics, seemed not just a great idea, but a necessity.  I ended up with less than 2 hours sleep the night before, but somehow, I was pretty much high-energy until the end.  It was a combination of adrenaline, coffee, feeding off the energy in the room, being excited about how good everything looked and of course, your collective juju.  And Aaron’s mojo.  You should see his wife–that man’s mojo is clearly almost as strong as my own husband’s.  Hee.

If you couldn’t tell from how excessively rambly and off this post is, my brain is still a little distracted and off-kilter, but I’m feeling great.    More blogging soon! G’night y’all.  I’m going to try to get to bed before midnight tonight. *looks at clock* Oops.  Maybe not.


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  1. Danielle said,

    miss you! can’t wait to see pics =)

  2. Deborah said,


    Your designs are beautiful. I absolutely loved working with you and everyone. It was such a blast. I thought we were such a great team. We rock. 😉

    BTW, love your blog here.


    P.S. La Estrallita or La Es was yummy, huh? Thanks, you’re the best!

  3. mynx said,

    Sounds absolutely perfect! I can’t wait to see the pics! So glad you’ve got a great team.

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